70 Ml sp toon for sale

Welcome to my selling thread!


Perfect Amarr Pilot

Gunnery and Missile V

Toon is in Jita now

Wallet is positive

b.o is 40 bil isk

38 bil, isk ready

40 bil b/o

accepted! ready for a deal now?

AStrozka , send me isk and account info

Yes, give me a couple of mins and I will send it to you.

Just one thing tho - you need to be in NPC corp before the transfer begins.

ok, just left the corp

logging on, gimme a few mins.

Isk and account info sent, awaiting for transfer :slight_smile:

got the isk, starting the transfer soon

Didn’t get any transfer mails yet, what way of transfer are you using? :slight_smile:

No replies, assuming it was a scam, support ticket is on the way.

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