8 Golden Rules for EVE Online

Further to this, I tend to use Eve Uni’s 3000isk/hp rule of thumb to determine the maximum value I carry in my haulers.


It’s a faulty assumption that people only gank for financial gain. People gank for all sorts of reasons, often just for the fun of it. Which is as it should be.

If you are flying a loot piñata you definitely aren’t helping your odds, though.


“Consenting to PvP” and “opening up to the possibility to be attacked by others” is exactly the same thing phrased differently. So for somebody to say that they “accept the possibility to be attacked when they undock” but “don’t consent to it anyway” is a sentiment devoid of all meaning, unless the player actually means that they want to reserve the right to feel victimized when the inevitable eventually happens, and play the victim card.

Well… everyone has the right to feel however they do, but very little sympathy will be offered if they come to cry about their loss in the forums, because nobody cares and you were warned. That’s what the rule means.


Shouldn’t there be a link to this at the beginning of the tutorial? Or on the installation download page?



That would be something you may wish to suggest to CCP Phantom.


starts furiously spamming on Reddit


According to CCP Falcon’s logic, if I come up to him at Fanfest and kick him in the balls, he consented to that simply because he was in the same area as me and therefore he opened himself up to the possibility of being kicked in the balls. Complaining about his sore manhood and attendant nausea will only earn him mockery, so he should actively tank by wearing a cup and venturing out onto the convention floor expecting to be kicked in the balls at any time. It doesn’t matter if Harpa security or Reykjavik police show up after the fact, they’re strictly punitive and you are expected to look out for your own safety at all times.


True. However that would be breaking Icelandic law and you would get arrested/fined/jailed/sued. Ganking you in Eve does not break the EULA and all that is lost is the ship/s involved.


Looks like somebody is having trouble distinguishing between PvP in a video game and actual violence.


Not at all, just pointing out how terribly illogical the whole idea is.


I’ll allow it this once, but only because I think Falcon might benefit from a swift kick in the nuts.


Maybe the game isn’t for you. Not to mention, if you have problems with distinguishing video games and reality, you have bigger things to worry about than EVE Online’s PVP.


I don’t know where people get this stuff. I will refrain from using this comment as a springboard to makes some observations about the general state of society with terms like “special snowflake” and “safe spaces” and instead point out that this logic is exactly sound, if you replace ‘Fanfest’ with ‘no-hold barred MMA fight’. If you enter a ring, or steel cage if you prefer, for a martial battle with another competitor, you very much consented to be kicked in the balls, the face, or anywhere else that wasn’t prohibited by the rules of the fight. In Eve, the rules permit the shooting of spaceships essentially anywhere, so you have indeed consented to having your imaginary spaceship shot every time you undock.

Harpa, like most of the shared spaces of our human societies, does not permit genital-kicking, or any other kind of violence against other human beings. It does however serve as a Mecca for various forms of pretend video game violence once a year, something you seem to have trouble separating from reality.


It’s a bit too harsh.
I think we should compare this problem with chess: By starting the game you consent to getting figures knocked off the board, despite you don’t like that most times… So it’s the art of the game not to get captured (at least the king should survive). But if you knock out your opponent, the eula restrictions get activated :wink:

You must not have heard of chess boxing.

I already said that’s not the case, jeez. It’s not like I would ACTUALLY kick any of the devs.

Crossposting my earlier post to reddit to see how they react to it. I wonder if it will blow up like the last one.

I believe that, but you do seem to equate someone shooting your imaginary spaceship with real-life violence. It’s not.

Just to be clear, when someone is violencing your imaginary space assets, they are not necessarily trying to insult you or make you feel bad. It is not automatically a slight, nor some defect in their personality. It is someone playing a silly spaceship game where shooting other players for either fun or space profit is a legal game move. You don’t have to like losing a ship or your stuff, or make it easy for them, but you shouldn’t begrudge someone for trying to engage in PvP with you, or be personally offended, in a game where that is not only allowed, but intended.

You of course can feel about non-consensual PvP and the rest of it however you want. But for new players reading this thread, take these Golden Rules to heart and you will have a much more pleasant and fun time in New Eden.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… oh, you’re serious.

As I said earlier in this very thread, this game openly encourages psychopathic behaviour. Psychopathy and sadism don’t exist in a vacuum (unless it’s the vacuum of space). Trust me, there are plenty of people who gank others for the express purpose of making them feel bad. It’s said that there are two kinds of people in EVE: Those who build sandcastles, and those who kick them over.


get a grip


No one said anything about consent…
Non-concensual pvp is usually the best, since free loot, tears, reddit posts, and forum posts :wink:
#Accept no substitute™