84m SP Fleet Commander for Sale (SOLD)

Full spec Mining/Fleet Specialist for Sale
84 305 626 Skill Points including the following:

Every Processing Skill Lvl V
Fleet Command Lvl V
Mining Director Lvl V
All Shield Skills Lvl V
All Non Remote Armour Skills Lvl V
Cloaking Lvl V
Command Burst Specialist Lvl V
All BCs Lvl V
Caldari BS Lvl V
Exhumers Lvl V
Logi Cruiser Lvl V

Skill Injected and trained on many, many more skills including Industrial Command Ships and Capital Industrial Ships (1 day off Rorqual Skills)

I am in an NPC Corp and located in a HS (Hek).
No kill rights. Positive Wallet. 3 Neural Remaps Available.
Pos Sec Status
Full Set of Improved Implants
I will pay the transfer fee.

Starting Price 70b ISK


All Sales must be in keeping with CCP Rules

68 billion.

70b and ill do the transfer now

69 and you have a deal

69 agreed

ISK and account name sent via in game mail.

Transfer paid for and done, a pleasure


Email received. Thank you for the smooth transaction.

Fly safe

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