91m SP Subcap PVP Pilot!

For sale Rank Deker :sunny:

  • SP 90.650.000 millions + 575k Unallocated
  • SS -1.0
  • Wallet +
  • Killboard +
  • Mid Alsklepian
  • No Corporation
  • I’ll pay quick transfer fee
  • Remap Attributes available
  • Skill at V = 103

Board : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Rank_Deker (1212)

Zkb : https://zkillboard.com/character/95348363/

Starting bid : 65B
B/O 85b



Thanks c/o, if you can come a little higher I’d be willing to sell out.

80B ok?

Yeah can do. Ready to go when you are.

sent isk to Rank Deker?

Yeah please send isk and account name to rank deker

isk has sent! plz transfer to account: d15271629690

Okay, all set. Transfer started. Have fun!

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