A bat out of null

This is just s short story that i wrote awhile ago but never got around to posting it.

When I took the jump bridge for the last time from 7RM to 93-Pi, it was nothing special.
Just like every other jump bridge jump that I have taken with the Horde. From back when 7RM was the frontier and we were stationed in O1Y, from the C4C Krabstar to the C4C beanstar. 2 years I gave out in Null. It was time for a change. I had mentioned to a fellow bean that I was looking for steadier money, little safety and surety. He said “Why? We are immortal. Death to us is nothing more than an inconvenience. A hiccup”. “I’m tired of war” I said “…Of dying so many times”. Ajax stood up from the chair he was sitting in and looked me dead in the eye and said “ Well git gud” and then walked out as if nothing had been said.

I never knew how Ajax felt about me leaving The Horde. I left the next day while he was out on a fleet. I took the jump bridge and now I’m sitting at the gate to Saranen and I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. I can’t go back. I’ve left the corp. I have to move on……….

Saranen was nothing like it used to be. In one gate and on to the next. I mean it helps that I’m no longer wearing a bullseye on the hull of my ship. The first neut I came across gave me a fuckin heart attack. On reflex I locked’em up and went to fire my batteries…… And nothing, all I got was a blip from the A.I. My safety was on green. I didn’t remember turning it on green. It’s been red for so long that I had even thought about it. Forgot that there was even such a thing as a safety.That was rule numero uno in null. Any neut in system isn’t there by accident. They are there to kill you. As many yous as you are dumb enough to feed into them. They do not care what skin color you got, what god you follow, what “Empire” you belonged to. You were Horde. You died. Unless you killed them first. We have charged head first into the teeth of the enemy so many times you don’t just lose count, you forget full clones lives because you died so many times. It was brutal…. Relentless savergry. It was the most……… intoxicating…… Experience you will ever have. Nothing compares to the adrenaline shot of rushing a 30 man cruiser fleet with nothing but a Fly Catcher and tech 2 rapid light missile launchers knowing that behind you is a rag tag collection of some of the most bad ass, bravest, dumbest, ■■■■ heeliest, loyal ■■■■ tards around.I have never had more fun, more pain, more lost moments (AlcoholicSatan,drunk fleet) or more death than I’ve had with the horde.

My first goal when I get to Jita is to figure out which faction i’m going to get work from. Security mission pay sucks in the beginning. They don’t pay anything remotely decent until level 4 and thats only once and awhile. I can’t do faction warfare. Sitting in a plex in a warp core stabbed venture… warping off at the first hint of a fight. Yea no not really for me…. Incursions are way to rich for my blood right now. No skills to fly the ships even if I could afford them. Station trading is even more boring than faction warfare.
I can’t do the pennies game or long haul. Can’t do hauling for the same reason.
The only thing that left to security missions. Don’t even get me started on wormholes. those bastards are crazy as hell. No local. living out of POS’s until Upwell came out with citadels. No thanks. So that leaves me with security missions. Yay! Sisters of eve…. They might have what im looking for………

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