My weekend of joy and paranoia. Or, Why i still love eve after all these years...)


-Me, Saturday, early morning…

-Decide to explore null sec. I’m not a null sec guy. I hate blobs, bubbles, and secret intel channels.

  • Fit up a fancy pants cloaky pvpish explorer ship. I picture it dropped on by 50ish titans 3 jumps in. Undock anyway.
  • Go looking for a wormhole into null. Don’t trust the front doors. Find a hole to a low sec. It’s close enough I guess.
  • First low sec system has a ratting vexor at a belt. Its a trap. Has to be a trap. Warp in anyway.
  • Uncloak, point, overheat everything. Get ready to die in a fire.
  • Local jumps up by 4. I continue to get ready to die. Vexor, Vexor, Atron, Condor on scan. My heart beats weirdly in my chest. First vexor pops.
    -Maybe I won’t die? New guys engage and frigs pop then a vexor pops. Last vexor runs. Gf’s given.
    -I continue the few jumps into null. Already surprised I’m not dead.

-Scan and explore things. Conclude data sites are junk.

  • Find first ghost site. First quality loot. Didn’t die.

  • Find weird drug manufacturing site. Find many drug blueprints! Get really excited about my new potential career as a drug dealer!
    -Relic sites are ok I guess.

  • Nervous about how empty the systems are. Expect to die as i jump through each gate. Take a wormhole to a different null region.

  • Load up on drone goo and chips and stuff. Just over a billion in the cargo hold. Definetly going to die now.

  • Find a purifier sitting off a gate. Has to be a trap. Uncloak, point, overheat everything. It pops.
    -(Was fit with no launcher, just cynos! Told you it was a trap!)
    -Sneak past a few bubbles. Slowly make my way back into low sec. Not sure why in not dead. Get back to high sec.

  • Unload my booty. Prepare my career as a drug dealer. Realize drug dealing is more skill intensive than i thought. Maybe just a side hustle then.

  • Buy cool new ships with loot money.

  • Fly one of said ships to a nearby ice belt. Miners have littered the belt with their cans of ice. I steal, then explode cans to clean it up. Public service massage: Keep eve litter free!

  • Tengu decloaks and attacks. Definetly going to die. I point and overheat everything. Can tank the tengu fine in my fancy new frig! What?! I’m about to kill a tengu. Woot! Shields down.

  • Then shields are back up. :frowning: Orca is repping the tengu.
    -Switch point to orca, overheat everything! (Suspect orca, best orca.) Kill drones like it’s going out of style.
    -My heart is beating weirdly in my chest. Hands get shaky.
    Dodge fire from the tengu, an algos, and a thorax while my timer runs out. Chip away for 28 minutes at orca!

  • Orca pops literally as his alt in a Augoror land! Oh the joy and pain from each of us at that moment.
    -Gf’s were given.

I don’t post much, but despite the fact that eve has been dying for all of the 10 years I’ve been playing, I still find it awesome that this game can bring such a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotion any given day.

Fly dangerous! 07


Well thank you for the entertaining read.

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Aaah :grinning:, this reminds me of the times i just whent into null sec cause i was bored and wanted to see what was there. Thanks for the trip down memory lane…

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Thx for a good story and the reminder that PVP can be so fun and thrilling! :sunglasses:

I will never come back to your space. I Have started to hate it, same as your game. It is verry sad for me. but you didnt give me a choice.

I will never come back to your space. I Have started to hate it, same as your game. It is verry sad for me. but you didnt give me a choice.

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You’re repeating yourself here mate.

Been in and out since 2006 and hearing (reading) stories like these are always a treat.

you beat the game

To paraphrase a pitiful retort I saw in another thread:
Yeah but you can still be suicide ganked.

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