A Better Omega Time

This section is for people who are unhappy with Omega time, and would like to tweak it. The goal of this project is to create an Omega time that is not as harsh when it ends while keeping (and possibly raising) CCP’s funding:

I think that you should not have to get Omega to fly the higher level ships. Instead, you should have to get Omega to unlock them and train the Omega only skills to use them, but after Omega time ends you should be able to fly the ship you are CURRENTLY flying. If this ship is an Omega ship it will not become locked when you enter a hanger. This would keep players who like to have a loadout for each situation paying for Omega and slow down those who are trying to get maxed out.

Ship Modules would be similarly affected and you should not be able to fit any Omega modules to your ship without first completing their required Omega training. Also you cannot fit any Omega modules outside of Omega time. Players should get to choose one ship to have access to in Alpha after their Omega time is over. You cannot choose a ship you do not posses the ability to fly. You will be able to freely swap between other Alpha ships and your Omega ship at a station. Omega only skills will still cease to exist after Omega time ends, unless they are required to fly your chosen Omega ship.

As far as funding goes, Omega time should be precious to people, not just a next step: It should be The next step. CCP should get rid of the 2x Omega skill training speed, and sell it separately. Also Omega time could be required to purchase ships from the market.

Feel free to add suggestions, point out errors, and give your own opinions. This is just a first draft, and there are many things missing and many that need to be considered. Fly Safe, Fly Brave…

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Also you should not be able to buy PLEX for ISK on the market. That allows people to pay without paying and has to go.

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Meh, I was going to elaborate, but this is going idea isn’t going to go anywhere, so why bother?

One thing I will point out, however, is that SP farms and multiboxers aren’t the only people that plex their accounts. You have people who can’t justify paying for a sub, people from countries with poor exchange rates, and people who apparently can’t pay through the normal payment methods for whatever reason. So, yeah, this will inadvertently punish players from certain countries and bad financial situations -well, I’m assuming that it was inadvertent.
No P2W

Change how you have this posted, so I’m not scrolling on my phone, otherwise me and plenty of others may not read it

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The idea isn’t worth reading anyway. So really he’s just saving people time.

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This is an awful idea.


So, uh, does this mean my Titan alt doesn’t need omega anymore?

first off, thank you @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode
2nd, this is a horrible idea, not just awful as someone else stated. Not just financially for CCP, but How could you honestly expect the finance department to keep up with something like this?

This game started as a subscription game, and at its core, it should remain a sub game.

That is a horrible idea, the folks at CCP are doing a great job and should reap the rewards for their work.

Not only that, the players that spend money on the game are actually floating the ones that don’t, in the hopes that they will enjoy it to the point that they will enjoy it enough to pay as well.


Great is a bit strong. .

Even if we ignore everything else it’s hard to use great to describe a company who uses such predatory tactics.

The level ccp pushes the idea of buying plex and injectors is abhorrent. Particularly in the npe.

Let’s not forget their hard line stance against gambling regardless of if rmt was involved. Right up until they found a way to monetize it themselves.

You’re an idiot, CCP makes more money by selling Plex for cash than a sub. Which is then turned into ISK that some folks dont have the time or willingness to PvE. The folks that have the time or willingness to PvE are the ones subbing with the PLEX they buy for ISK. IMO, Plex was a brilliant idea that increases CCPs cashflow and keeps most players very happy.

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All you’re doing is trading people isk and they pay for your sub. The sub is still being paid for and reduces market demand for rmt.

Everybody wins its one of the smartest moves ccp made as a company and as developers


This is such a terrible idea.

No, the goal of your idea has nothing to do with making Omega better, it’s goal is to make Alpha better.


I think you misunderstand how plex works.

Plex = Real money paid to CCP.

Plex is bought with real money directly from CCP. It is then put on the ingame market and sold for isk. (or used for skins, etc from NES store)

Every single plex in the game means real money was paid to CCP to get the plex.

Some people don’t have he funds to pay directly for omega time. They rely on other people buying the game time (plex) with money and then selling it for isk. If you take plex away you will loose a LOT of people in the game.

I also agree with @Jint_Hikaru It would make alphas better and not help CCP with revenue. People would likely train the Omega skills, and once they got them they would stop paying, because why would they keep paying if they can keep using the same ships and skills on a free account? Very bad idea for CCP and for keeping the game+servers running - everything needs money.


yes, titan doesn’t need Omega (permanently)

Yes, you are just trying to get a better Alpha time because you are too selfish to just pay the $14.99 a month. Secondly, this would be disastrous for CCP’s funding. I’m not saying that they do a perfect job on EVE, but they do a damn good one. Cut them some slack!
How dumb are you??? Also, it doesn’t help to restrict people from buying PLEX on the market… all PLEX that is bought is money that goes to CCP. You seem like one of those people that nothing is ever good enough for and who always has to have more. I would swear at you, but that wouldn’t help your mental condition. I want you to know…
I have your name now, so we’ll be seeing each other…very soon.


Well I suggest that we can have different omega states, basic and normal. Basic omega will allow you to use advanced ships, modules, skills but there is still a 5m sp limit and the training speed won’t be boosted. I think it should be 190-250 plex in NES. This is used in EVE Echos and it do make more players have a chance to enjoy omega easier. :grinning:

Buys coffee from Starbucks.
Can’t “afford” $15.

Life is about choices.

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