A broadcast to those who fought in the Triglavian revolution:

To the exalted Kybernauts, the guardians of Pochven,

As the anniversary of our conquest approaches, I am called to remember the heroes who fought to create the space we now call home.

When the Triglavian people came to us and asked for help, we stood against every established authority to reclaim their ancient homelands.

When the empires called us outlaws, put prices on our heads… we made war on the empires themselves.

We, the brave few who took up the cause for Triglavian liberation, stood against unending waves of better equipped, better funded enemies… and we scored unthinkable victories in the heart of empire space.

We tested ourselves against Edencom. Proved ourselves against the ancient enemy. We extirpated waves of drones… and when there were no more foes to vanquish, we set to fighting between Clades. We have been hardened by one year of unending, unpredictable conflict. The day we seized Pochven, was the day we were reborn.

To those who stood with us to liberate the blue stars;
To those who spilled blood to challenge the authority of the empires;
To those who jumped faithfully into the abyss, and refused to be moved;

We remember you. We remember your sacrifice. We shared in your struggles, your victories, and to this day we stand as your comrades in arms.

Pochven was the second greatest thing we created during the Triglavian Revolution - the most valuable thing we achieved was this enduring friendship of ours.

We at T0AST salute you.

-Subcommandant Plague


That’s some impressive historical revisionism, right there.


Almost as delusional as boasting victory while daring to peek over battlements of a final stronghold to see one’s entire empire burnt but the assailants bored into retreat after months of burning villages.

Yup. Bored into retreat.

Congratulations on demonstrating absolutely no concept of how defending a siege works.

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