A capture the space sever

This would be a separate sever now that the test sever is not being used this could be a nice to have. There would be 50 systems none of which have concord. players could put in a corporation name and have a small citadel be droped in a unoccupied system once all the systems have a corporation in control of them the endgame will start were all ore will not re spawn forcing the players to fight it out for the ore. till there is only one corp left then it will reset and start again. all ships purchased and all money made though will be kept by you and only 5 npc stations would spawn in. players can join a corporation once they join in or make there own once the sever reaches endgame it would force them to join a corporation. Skill training will be over 5 times faster and you would start with the 1 million free skill points.

Get in here with all the other “separate server where X happens” threads


@Drogon_Mace alt?

Split the playerbase, start a whole new economy for what benefit?

Bad ideas are bad.

no I’m first been around longer them Him I think and seconded I just though it would be a cool idea

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