A change I would like to see

Hi, I got lured back with the 25 plex freebie so of course I logged in, set up my skill training, and came straight to the forums to spam. :blush:

Kidding aside, I’m a grinder. I grind to advance in almost every game I’ve ever played. But I don’t find the grinding in this game very enjoyable because of SHIP SWAPPING.

For every (combat) mission I need to first clear it with a combat ship then return again with a dedicated salvage ship otherwise I lose out on those sweet isk making loot, but it gets tedious. And even worse for exploration sites, which required a scanning ship, then my main combat ship, and a salvaging ship. Very tedious even with the frigate bay.

The change I would like to see is the introduction of AUXILLIARY SLOTS that fit specialized utility modules for scanning and salvaging, which use zero power/cpu but drain cap as normal mods do. Doubling all existing cargo hold sizes would be great, too.

The basic idea: 1 aux slot for frigates and destroyers, 2 for cruisers and battlecruisers, 3+ for battleships and up, etc. If this was introduced, then I can venture further away from homebase for missions (or even become a nomad), eliminate the tedium of constantly swapping ships without losing combat power, and spend most of my game time flying just 1 favourite ship.

Or alternatively, a variant class of existing ship types with such a feature. Existing frigate bay can be repurposed to house a “life boat”.

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome (but replies not assured).

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Marauders are specifically designed to do combat and salvaging. You can even do both at the same time if you like! Theyll also store a frigate for ya as a bonus


There is an item called Mobile Tractor Unit. You set it up after warping in, do your thing and collect it once all the baddies are destroyed.


Mtu killed fleet gameplay unless you are multiboxing missions. One combat one salvager. Took many noobs under my wings starting them out salvaging behind me while training to their first combat ship


Yup, Marauders fill this role for PVE. It can really be fun managing locks/keeping salvagers + guns cycling.

The intended route CCP wants the average player to go is to explore the world of multi boxing. (aka running more omega accounts) You get the flexibility of salvaging, being in 2 + places at once, scouting, etc and CCP gets more money!

The joys of EVE online. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the replies.

The extra utility slots can also use specialized hacking modules, asteroid scanners, etc. anything PvE related, without gimping your ship. More flexibility = more interesting gameplay + something to occupy time for PvP types too!

Stratios is a good option I use. Combat drones to run the sites then switch to Salvage drones to clean up. Good for lvl 1 and 2 sites. Lvl 3 sites are a challenge.

Why would CCP do this when they can sell you another account for you to multibox salvaging with and get more money that way?

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Well I just started using MTU and it is fantastic. Mission cleanup time went down from 1 hour to just 10 minutes (including ship swap!) Mostly only use it in deadspace though :yum:
Thanks for the suggestion.

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All ships have a “life boat”
it is called a “Hydrostatic Capsule”

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