A Change in Tactics

A general is faced with an enemy fortress, well defended, with entrenchments, artillery, and well equipped and well trained defenders. The general has been ordered to take this fortress.

The first day of the siege, the general sends a whole division of troops across the field in a charge. The division is killed to the man before they even get to the glacis.

The next day, the general sends another division, again, right up the middle across the field in a charge. Again, the division is killed to a man before even reaching the glacis.

The third day, another division is sent right up the middle. They die in the corpse field where the previous two divisions died, still far from the glacis.

The fourth day, the general sends another division charging across the field. The same thing happens.

And so continues the siege onto the fifth day, the sixth, the thirty-third, the eighty-second, the one thousand and eleventh, then one millionth day.

Even the stupidest of armchair generals, the kind that liked to explain to me how desert warfare worked before I deployed to Alkabsi could tell that this was a bad plan. A change in tactics was required before the dawn of the second day.

And yet, this is the same tactic that the Amarr Empire has used to reclaim the Minmatar for almost a thousand years. The Ni-Kunni were mostly reclaimed within a few generations. The Khanid and Udorians certainly managed to be integrated well enough, in a timely fashion.

Still, after centuries, the Amarr Empire has kept with the ‘frontal attack’ approach to the Minmatar, to beat the Scriptures into them, or something.

On Alkabsi, I saw Minmatar slaves fight to the death. Something clearly isn’t working.

There are more Gallente and Caldari living in the Empire that converted freely than there are free and emancipated Minmatar. Something clearly isn’t working.

I’m not a heretic like Samira Kernher. I understand that religious and cultural reasons have enshrined slavery in the Empire; I’m not arguing for abolition. However, I do think that the Empire should examine its current practices. We have been using the stick for hundreds of years. It might be time to try the carrot?

I converted to the Faith on the inspiration, the truth of the message and the redemption of the Light of God. There are, honestly I think, in the Empire trillions more like me, from barely over a century of trade and relationships with the Federation and State. A hundred years of peace and the Empire got more converts from foreign nations than many hundreds of years of enslaving the Minmatar.

As someone that graduated several statistics courses, I generally don’t gamble. However, I am willing to bet everything I have ISK wise (which is a lot), that if upon the Minmatar rebellion, the Emperor had freed all the remaining Minamtar, there would be more free and faithful Minmatar living in the Empire than there are today, just from a century of peaceful relations, rather than the frothing anger from the Republic. (See: Del’thul) With the ‘We Come for Our People’ cause removed, justified or not, the course of history would have change, and I say for the better.

God knows that the Minmatar are a far better people than the Gallente, and still they convert like hotcakes.

I am going to close this with a personal observation. I am friends with quite a few Matari or Minmatar. I can’t actually tell the difference. Sometimes, a certain holder makes comments (which I really hope are jokes) about enslaving one of them and giving them to me. I can not thing of a worse fate. Such an action would guarantee that this friend would be consigned to oblivion. They would never, never , never convert as a slave. God bless them, but they’re stubborn that way. I would rather then stay free, outside the Empire, because as long as that is the case, there’s still a non-zero chance they will see the Light. And no one needs a PhD in statistics to know that a slim chance is better than no chance.

Before we waste another century trying to beat faith into a people and failing, I pray we can change tactics.


Amarrian slavery is as much about punishment and providing Holders a labor force as it is about conversion. The majority of slaves have already “converted.” Or rather, they were born into the faith, and raised in the faith. Conversion is something the system already does very well. But that achievement has never been what determines whether Holders choose to emancipate their slaves. You are not going to win very many minds by arguing that the issue is that the system isn’t converting people fast enough. Holder families choose emancipation based on their reputation and social standing, their wallets, or, in some cases, their personal feelings. Those are the places where they need to be convinced.


Young one, i have two words for you: Fat Chance

Or for to elaborate, you have more chance of turning a slaver hound vegan than changing eons of “this has worked before it will work again” tactics. I have met very few amarr that are willing to change their ways, and you young one will be dust before anything changes…


Did you just call me young man?

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I sure did :smiley: , sorry i blame it on the way to early a time. I shall edit to make it fit…

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Some people use ‘Matari’ exclusively for those of the tribes, and ‘Minmatar’ more generally for genetics/bloodlines: eg Samira would be Minmatar, but not necessarily Matari. Some people (mostly baseliners from core worlds) use ‘Matari’ for people from Matar.

In general usage though the words are interchangable synonyms.


You are undoubtedly correct

There is little doubt that if the purpose of enslaving the Minmatar was to bring them to God, then it was a colossal failure.

The Minmatar are likely lost to the Greatness of God forever because they will never forgive what was done to them and no reasonable person could blame them.

It is an unending shame. The Empire’s arrogant mistake has cost God an entire people.


yes, yes, change your tactics
off course i have to say I didnt even read what is all about

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All the stars in the heavens must be Reclaimed. But that does not mean all the peoples in the heavens must be Reclaimed. Perhaps, some peoples exist only as an obstacle to be overcome; as a reminder to God’s Chosen that some things are incorrigibly evil.

A solar system that has been through orbital bombardment been reduced to a lifeless husk from which giant extractors mine the materials from which the Empire can make fleets of Titans is also a solar system that has been Reclaimed. Thusly must Pator and Rens and Hek be Reclaimed. Thusly must all things Minmatar must be Reclaimed. Amen. Amarr Victor.


This… is disappointing.

And no, I wasn’t.

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I think there’s a lot of people who could feel their brains writhe in protest at the notion that I represent any part of the Republic whatsoever. Personally I’m just disappointed you couldn’t get the name right.


You know, never once would it have even occurred to me to think you were.


Should really give it a shot. I think there are lessons to be had from it for every freeborn involved.

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Mitara, perhaps we should be discussing this particular matter in private. Suffice it to say, I strongly disagree with giving her custodianship of any, for a variety of reasons. Since this matter is being discussed so publicly, I feel I must express my advice to the contrary openly. If you wish to carry this on, let us do so next time all three of us meet.

Marshal Protector, sister Alizabeth, some of your words bear merit. They echo the sentiments of many reformist and liberal holders today, including some of my own. However, your eagerness to speak on this matter must be tempered with consideration for your position and House. We will discuss these matters also in private.


I have no intention of getting involved in your house matters but I’d be remiss to not point out the elegant in Alizabeth’s words.

It was very very well said.


It was not elegant in the slightest. It was blunt and rash, but this will be corrected.


youre right but it doesnt matter


This is the kind of thing that makes my head hurt.


… and I’m the simple one. You can argue for different choices that should have been made in the past that may or may not be relevant or good right now. She’s wrong, abolition is the only path towards peace that remains, but it’s hardly contradictory to argue that something should have been done before but may not be practical now.


So you have trouble with the idea that someone can say ‘I’m not advocating that we completely destroy our economy over this now, but I will point out that when we were already in the middle of a massive upheaval two hundred years ago, we could have done it with minimal extra disruption’?

Do you also have trouble grasping the idea of ‘look, I’m not saying someone should go out and bolt the wing back on in mid-flight, but really, we should’ve done proper maintenance you idiots’?