A different sort of question


I’ve seen lots of threads about the new changes coming to Eve. And there is a consensus that these changes affect the game negatively, with some people predicting that it will cause the game to lose even more players. So I was thinking that it might be interesting to look at it from another angle. So here goes… Let’s forget about these changes for a minute…

For those of you who still play Eve

(and I mean those of you who are actually still playing so have logged in at least once in the last week) not if you are only active on the forums but no longer actively play)

My question to this group of people is: what keeps you playing? - in spite of any changes.

I won’t be answering this question, because I stopped playing roughly 2 years ago. But I think it’s important we hear the other side of the story.

A consensus amongst the people who do not like the changes, perhaps.


That’s not true. Just because a bunch of bitter vets are throwing a tantrum, that doesn’t mean that they speak for the wider Eve community. In fact, I’m personally excited about the changes.

Anyway, I like Eve because it is a skill based, PvP-centric sandbox. It’s actually kind of amazing. And I keep playing because there’s just so much to do, and I seem to add stuff to my to do list faster than I can check things off.


No there isnt


Hi Natocha, long time no see! Hope you’re well.

What keeps me playing - and what induced me to return to EVE, is that I can find within it activities to match my temperament.

Then I get bored, and move away for a while.

Then I come back. I always come back.

For the game designers, EVE has always been about the management of Greed (or ‘Desire’, if that’s too up-front). Greed for Isk, for ships, for kills, for earning without work, for notoriety, for a virtuous reputation…so many things drive us.

In my own case, it’s greed for achievement, the attaining of goals.

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