What keeps you playing?

  • Habit
  • Deals and offers
  • Lack of an alternatives
  • Quality content
  • Something else
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You, brother.

You are what keeps me playing.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I need something to play while flying my private jet to Monaco.


Nothing “keeps” me playing. I could uninstall now and miss nothing. I play because I want to, just like I play my dozen other games, offline or online, simply because I want to.

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This is awkward. I left out The Community / Friends as an option. I cant add it or delete poll it seems. have a nice day.



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I haven’t played EVE in 16 years.

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Friends and the ability of eve pvp to give me The Shakes™ like no other game can.

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Caffeine. Rage. Blood lust… Oh sorry what keeps me playing eve? The friends I’ve made a long the way…

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In-game friends mainly, plus to make sure my character is Omega subbed and training skills.

After a while if I don’t show up in-game, I’ll get a reminder on Messenger from one of my Eve friends to log in…

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Dont really “play”. Gaming pc in storage. Was using potato laptop to just confirm payments to USIA but now can do that from phone via evanova.


@Wesfahrn You’re something else alright.

But is it enough to make me come back ? We’ll have to wait for your next thread to know the answer.

This must be a winning entry.

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I enjoy griefplay.


One good thing about this poll is that it’s got me thinking about why I mainly log in.

a) Habit.
b) To collect daily freebies. (I very rarely use any of the multitude of boosters.)
c) Amount of cash already invested and do I want it to be a wasted investment?

Apart from those, I’m struggling to come up with anything else.

Even the packs never change and when you have bought them why do you need the same skins over and over?

Other games I play have regular updates for both pvp and pve (one is a bit unbalanced towards pvp atm update wise)

It’s got to the point now where I might just sell this character and take an extended break and maybe return as Alpha one day. Maybe that will be the jolt I need to reboot and enjoy the game again.

All in all maybe it’s time to uninstall and just walk away…


The Corp…very little else

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Got to admit that I feel like EVE collectively holds people hostage, nobody wants to abandon the others or feel like we are letting anyone down, but at the same time I have felt more and more the past weeks like I do not actually want to be here.


The complexity of the game keeps me playing. EVE is the only computer game that I have played for more than a month. Most of them I get bored after just a few days.

Maybe why ‘other’ is so high?

Almost like we tend to think our way is the only way. :grinning:

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The thousands of spam threads you start.

And your spam-y responses…

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