A former CSM member has passed

Former multi-time CSM member (2,3,7) Issler Dainze (Michele Boland) has passed.

She was an avid and longterm EvE player who truly enjoyed the game (despite it’s issues, which she was not shy about pointing out).

With her 13 EvE characters, she experienced much of the content EvE offers, from dread tussling to WH diving-exploration. She sometimes seemed a bit of a contradiction in EvE…Issler was long a member of SA, but also wanted WiS… However, she is probably best known for her “carebear” mining/industry/internet spaceship politics main.

IRL Michele was an avid pilot and boater as well as a generous host and someone who tried to do what she could to make the world a better place.

She was one of those people who always has many things going yet progressing at the same time.

Michele/Issler dreamed big yet wasn’t afraid of criticism both irl and ingame…and actually brought many of her vision into reality (especially irl).

Professionally, she was a project manager for places like microsoft (where she helped make the graphics for the Xbox - so if you ever played that guess you have her to thank a little)

If I ever go to Reykjavik I will go to the Nonni Sandwich Shop there and get the Lamb Sub you recommended in your honour, Issler.

Journey well SpaceLlamaPrincess, stay shiny o7

One of her CSM campaign videos:


Very sorry to hear this, and I’ll be sure to pass this on to the rest of the crew.


Fly Safe in the great beyond fellow capsuleer. o7



ohh needs 5 characters


Kybernauts everywhere sends their regards. We shall hold provings in your honor. Fly Safe. o7


May her spirit forever fly the space lanes.



i only recently foundout our ceo issler has passed away in rl
leaving us without a ceo for our corp tada o i am sending out emails to all affecte by our loss an it has been made know to me recenly issler granted me full access to all in our corp
i would like to run for offic in our corp and need assistence to do so
Thank you all for your condolences she will not be forgotten and I hope to be the ceo that she would be proud of


o7 brave Capsuleer, may the wind be on your back.


Very sorry for her family and friends. Thanks for sharing.


I robbiewon have been given the keys to the castle
Isslee Diaze my former ceo granted me director of the corp but failed to grant me full access to the house
I need to have a gm figure out how I can gain access to corp mamagent even though she granted me access I don’t have full access
anyone have any suggestions for me to set my roles as roles and not Grant able roles I have a corp to run and unable to do so without any help

She has been my real life freind for almost 13 years
As well as a former ceo and freind in-game for that length of time I wish to keep our corp going need to have my roles updated as so I can run the corp as it is needed I am unable to gain access to corp members hangers and other ceo type assignments for enrolling pilots to corp any info as to go about doing a role change for me so I can become the ceo of the corp and be the leader issler dainze wanted me to be

Submit a support ticket, explain the situation and include screen shots of any text convo’s to confirm that is the case and politely request they grant you full access. If they deny the request then politely ask for the ticket to be escalated to a Senior GM.

Can’t do that on my phone but will do asap get home thank you

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Sir I do have access to most don’t have roles to reflect true operation of my office in elduf moon 3 that’s the main corporate office goreom is the other office that I have control of but need better direction as to submit a help ticket for this

F for respect. Sorry to hear this.

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