A fresh start from the beginning

Problem with a fresh start is that it doesn’t stay fresh for long.


The Triglavian systems are a fresh start. How long do we have before one alliance owns the whole region?

A different fresh server would have some very significant differences, such as not having the insane amount of titans, roquals, and super carriers on Tranquility for starters.

…and then people bring their knowledge from TQ over with min-max’d efficiency and then bring it back to the same state that TQ is within a couple of years…

Indeed, the only way it might actually work is if CCP completely redesigned the game and mechanics from the ground up, and that game wouldn’t be Eve.

CCP is working on the “fresh start” that people have been wanting, but they are doing it in a manner that doesn’t take history and just throw it out the window. They’ve identified that the vast wealth and ease of control that some groups have is part of the problem, and now they are attempting to deal with it.

The only “fresh start” I’d like to see for Eve Online is a good 10 year run without CCP throwing away money at some side show phone game or other distraction that never goes anywhere.

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Should we go with two months?