A home for all low-sec pirate filth and Gallente faction warfare pilots in the EUTZ: the ★★ Sons of Luminaire ★★ 🦅


The Sons of Luminaire are a European timezone :uk: :eu:, low-sec, and small-gang PVP corporation engaged in privateering, piracy, buccaneering, freebooting, raiding, robbing, pillaging and as much murder, thievery and destruction as possible in Black Rise and surrounding regions. We are proud members of the Gallente Federation militia in faction warfare.

Our founding members are a group of players who grew tired of the null blocs and their obsession with FATs, PAPs, CTAs, mining, ratting, and blob warfare. Instead, we made our own corp with two purposes:

  • to do small-gang PVP,
  • and to have fun.

We rely on our (questionable) individual piloting skill in PVP rather than blobbing the ■■■■ out of everybody to be successful. Anchoring is a dirty word here, the smaller ships in EVE are our preference - frigates, assault frigates, command destroyers, cruisers of all kinds and battlecruisers. This means our fleets are often mixed comps of varied, interesting ships rather than the same old same old. We aren’t limited to low-sec either, and occasionally raid NPC and sov null if the fights are there.

If you’re looking to be a valued individual and develop your PVP in a casual, chilled out environment, and don’t want to just be a nameless cog in somebody else’s machine, read on.

You can find out more about us on our webpage, check out our killboard, or join our Discord!

We Offer:

  • One of the few dedicated European timezone corps in EVE. 1700 - 2300 EVE time on weekdays, and all day on the weekend. A relaxed attitude in our active hours where you can log on because you want to, not because you have to. No PAPs, no FATs.

  • Pure PVP focus. Small and medium gang fleets from 3 up to 20 guys on the regular in a variety of compositions, and where you’re given the freedom to fly your own ship. No timers, no CTAs, strat ops or other ■■■■■■■■, just roaming for kills and the occasional objective.

  • Black Rise, the best region for PVP in EVE, and all the resources you need to live there including easy access to freight, ships and modules, market, clonebay etc.

  • An active and friendly community of old hands who’ll be happy to help you out. We use Discord for text and TS3 for voice.

  • Active leadership. Willing fleet commanders. Solid member base of PVPers. Everybody is here because they want to PVP and get the most of out it and that has made us one of the top killing corps in all of faction warfare-- and that’s without resorting to (too many) gatecamps. And we don’t spend all day smartbombing pods, because that’s just ■■■■■■■ cancer.

  • A corp that is run in the interests of all members, rather than in the interests of a small group of people. Fleet losses are often SRP’d equivalent to loot value, logi flies free, and every effort is made to make sure the corp works for you, not that you work for it.

  • Faction warfare, the awesome content it provides, and the best untaxed means of generating ISK in the game: Level 4 FW missions. And we do them in groups on the regular.

We Want:

Take our quiz to see if we’re right for you. Go on, you know you want to.

  • 20 million skillpoints in combat-focussed skills, and an on Omega (subscription) account. We are looking for main characters, though alts may be considered on occasion.

  • Some PVP experience, and at least 350 kills on your killboard-- you don’t need to be the best, but you need to have an idea of what you’re doing, and this kill requirement is only to allow us to see what you’ve done in the past, the sort of things you’ve flown, etc.

  • Activity in the European timezone and the ability to fleet up with us at least once per week or thereabouts - we won’t demand all your time, but it’s important to us that people joining can be reasonably active and enjoy taking part in corp activities.

  • A working microphone which you can use on TS3 when required. The ability to communicate in fleets. ‘Wife is sleeping’ is an acceptable excuse on occasion, but not every time…

  • Self-sufficiency. This means on the rare occasion nothing is going on you are happy to entertain yourself; it also means you can fund yourself through Level 4 FW missions (or other means!)

  • No muppets. No sperg in local chat, and no whining like a baby over lossmails. We’re looking for friendly, chill guys who want to have a good time and a good laugh. Nice people, basically.

To Join (or just find out more):

Join our Discord and speak to a Recruiter directly (type @Recruiter in public-chat to get their attention).

You can also join our in-game channel, Sons Public, though you’re more likely to get a quick response on Discord.


tips hat


Good to see new faction warfare groups popping up, hopefully you eventually support alphas and bring more of the new players in lowsec :slight_smile:


Saucy swag, you’re old FEDUP right?

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Yes we are Ex- FEDUP. o7

Saucy and friends have been in FEDUP indeed. I wish them all good luck and lots of fun back in lolsex.
If whoever reads this is intrested in a relaxed smallgang focus lowsec group definitly should check Sons of Luminare out.
I have flown with everyone in that corp for quite some time now. They are not the most elite tryhard dudes, but definitly no scrubs either. Everyone loves good fights. PvP has always been the main intrest of everyone and they are all outstanding relaxed and chilled. No one in that corp i’m aware of is a frkn drama queen. So if you are looking for a new group of friends, this could be your new home.
Hope they find the content they desire and deserve and they can keep it up!


Had a good roam Friday. Had a better one Saturday - took a long stroll through low-sec and then into NPC null, where we killed this bad boy https://zkillboard.com/kill/76087114/ and smashed a few gatecamps on the way through.

Sunday? We went 6 v 25 against Calmil who were doing an ihub bash in Oto. We stalled them for around 2-3 hours and killed over half of their fleet (and the odd third party) before they left quietly left without finishing the ihub… https://zkillboard.com/related/30002808/201904072000/

Loads of fun to be had! Join today.

Exciting to see a new GalMil banner flying in the warzone!

Best of luck on hitting the ground running. Your USTZ GalMil brethren welcome you with open arms!

Thanks for the kind words guys!

Still recruiting.

Did a public fleet last night. Lost a load of T1 frigates to a big Caldari blob- came back with Rapid Lights, because we’re horrible like that, and killed them instead. We were joined by some friendly guys from GMVA.

Lots of interest from potential recruits, too, with two confirmed and one more in the pipeline.

We’re growing, we’re active, and we love PVP. What are you waiting for?


Bit of a no-EVE night tonight, but we’ve taken on two more people! Still looking for more. There’s a weekend of PVP ahead.

Had four fleets this week since Monday. In particular, we joined our USTZ brethren in GMVA (who have been very welcoming) in blowing up some Caldari structures, which involved at least one rather fun fleet engagement…

Vive la recruitment etc.

Also, wtf?

Still recruiting!

Looking for more PVP pilots.

Fly for the Federation. Woo!

160 more kills since Monday. Looking for PVPers to…

Well, PVP.

Our boy Graldan has been doing a good job frustrating the Caldari. :slight_smile:


Still recruiting!

It’s BBQ weather, so we’re having a night off. We are still recruiting, though!


Still recruiting!