A lesson learned and a thank you

Well, folks, let me tell you a little tale.
It begins one day when i took my little vexor out on a little tour. All i wanted was go ratting. That is, shoot NPC pirates. What i found was something else. So, i was sitting in my vexor in 02 space when all of a sudden a familiar name popped up in local. this guy had followed me around the last 2 or three systems. So i was totally unsuspecting. Then his buddy showed up. I was still scanning for ratting sites. Then their buddy showed. Still nothing from me.

Then it got interesting. The third guy suddenly flashed orange and jumped up to my position. A little alarm began to ring. I was still on the scanner. The the other dudes jump in and things get intersting really fast. i notice iam being webbed and tackled, try desperately to jump out, but fail miserably. Boom! goes my litte vexy… I’m in my pod, watching helplessly as the two guys reap in the remains of my shiny ship. 5 seconds after my clone gets activated…

Man, was i furious. I screamed profanities at my screen, cursing the guys and their matrilinear heritage. After some minutes the blood stopped boiling and rational thought set in.

What happened? I stuck my nose in a system i did not know, in a ship not meant to go there and was unaware of my surroundings. So who is to blame i got killed? The three guys? They gave me every chance in the world to smarten up, keep an eye on the overview and get the hell outta Dodge… And i blew them all. So they popped me. And rightly so. Of course i was angry at them at first, but the one to really be angry at was me.

So i want to say thank you to the three guys who blasted me for reminding me and teaching me that lesson once again. You are aware that one day i will get back at you tho. Professional pride and all. Untill then, always keep an eye on the scanner and a firm grip on the trigger.


I did the exact same thing early on when learning the game. Took my little Vexor out into LS looking for some rats, not really knowing the ramifications, and quickly got sploded. Managed to warp my pod out, after having practiced some of the Univ’s lessons on getting out of dodge when your ship gets dusted. It was actually really exciting, and although the loss hurt, I had a good time and learned a great deal.

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Great attitude OP. You’ll go far in this game.


Caracal for me. Also early on got a Badger Mk II asploded in LS. By a Nyx. On a gate.

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The St. Ives Compact wont be the same without ya.

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Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

Thanks. It took quite a lot to do it.

Nice to see little has changed. Well… not “nice” so much as “tolerable”.

+1. This point of view should be taught in the tutorials.

You have a bright future ahead of you in doing dark things.

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Hehehe. Someone noticed.

I made another mistake tho. I should have read the bios of those guys following me around. If i had, i would have known they are “Professional Pirates”. This i know now cos i looked at their bios…but only AFTER i got killed. Had i known i would have gotten the hell outta there. It did hurt at first but sometimes the most painful lessons are those that last longest.

With this in mind, another thank you for being professional and not some annoying braggart like some ppl you see pirating HS. You know who i mean. There should be more out there like you. Pirates, but pros and proud at admitting they are. With guys like you it is actually fun ending on the business end of a Blaster. You gave me something to work for… Revenge!

So, Guys, keep your eye on the scanner and the finger on the trigger. Fly safe where you can and where you can’t make sure you don’t get busted.


This i know now cos i looked at their bios

Careful though. Not everyone advertises their intention’s in this way. You can find out more about a person’s pvp history by searching for the character’s name on zkillboard.com. But in reality you should consider everyone in lowsec to be a pvper. Most are.

Do you know about safe spots and d-scan? Those are the two things I think everyone should know about before leaving High sec.

You do realize that crime and punishment is where most of these “annoying braggarts” hang out? Or at least used to.

The idea of Eve at its core is that you will be shown no mercy, no matter how new or Inexperienced you are. But your killers will often teach you how to become stronger, so next time they attack you can put up a fight and maybe win. That’s Eve.

Great attitude there OP. I have done exactly what you did in my early days. I saw an Ishkur assault frigate on D-scan. Thought he would ignore me since I flew a cruiser. Thinking I was much stronk!! I got attacked. He was repping like hell through my drone damage, I was not repping at the same rate. I had him in hull when my vexor went blap.

Raging over losing a ship doesn’t improve anything. What makes you improve is understanding what happened, and learning from it.

If you learn a little from every loss you have, you will git gud.

I can also add that filming PVP situations with for example Nvidia Shadowplay helps ALOT. When you’re thrown in a situation slap your fingers at Alt+F9 to start recoring. When you die, go back and see what the ■■■■ really happened. I remember one time I was flying logi in a fleet. Suddenly my ship exploded. I saw on the killmail that I was smartbombed off the field, but why… the logi squad was moving away from the main fleet.

In the video I saw that I remembered to anchor my ship with the logi leader. What I did not notice in the heat of battle, but saw in the video, was the fleet commander initiating warp right before a bubble went up. The warp was cancelled because of the bubble and my ship then just stopped in space. I was left with the main part of the fleet and not following the logi squad. Then the smartbombs hit.

The tutorial should have a mission that says: “Travel to lowsec and get a PVP kill”

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I remember my first ship, itaron 1, lost to can flipping.

I was in a navitas, way back when that was the big “G” racial mining ship. 500m3, that’s not worth pulling pulling out of space dock.

Got about 5k in the can and warped to pick up my Indy. Got back and a itaron 5 grabbed my can. Said oops sorry. And the rest is history.

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A+ post you just raised the bar for these forums and by sharing your experience you might even help others.

It seems like you will be refitting a ship and taking more precautions next time, pvping even as you avoid those who would explode you.

I am confident you can teach yourself how to fish, so I do no disservice sending you a nice piece of cod for tonight’s dinner, to get you up and running again.

GG my dear fellow.

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Next time don’t fly Gallente. You deserved to be attacked if you don’t fly Caldari

The last time I was I was almost engaged, I scanned down a wormhole and jumped in a cheap fit scan venture and hurried and scanned down a gas site.

Warped to the site before I realized I forget to bookmark my exit. I started “passing gas” and launched probes to find my exit. Just as I finished my last scan, a stratios and a hurricane landed on me, took me a few seconds to get out of the scan screen. I warped out as they were locking on to me. I was Lucky that day!!


I have these “lessons learned” every day or several times a day.

I was in a wormhole with my Astero scanning down relic/data sites and setting up perches. I had to log-off and warped to a Planet, quickly came out of stealth and started to log. Boom Boom I was blown up in seconds. I looked around while in my pod and there was this huge Angel tower thing with a big bubble around it. If I had just taken a second to look around, scan, align, and then come out of stealth I would have seen it.

Yesterday I was in a wormhole and scanned some Battleships near a combat site with some strange name like Orm something. I was curious so I warped in at 100km away and stopped in the middle of a structure with nasty NPC’s and of course I was so close I came out of stealth. Again, Boom Boom dead.

It is fun though and in another six months I probably won’t being doing so many stupid things, maybe.

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I’ve lost many ships pretty much the same way. Warping to random low-sec asteroid belts in a destroyer and then finding a few enemies there, I blow them up, but then some guy in a battleship comes along and 1 shots me. To make matters worse, I fly what I can’t afford to use.

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