Grand Theft Rattlesnake

So it all started as most of my adventures tend to with talking to a hostile group of players. We had declared war on them with the intention of asking for a ransom and instead of accepting my more than generous ransom they pulled 2 t2 rigs from an athanor and began unanchoring it. One of the line members spoke up willing to pay my ransom on te corps behalf and the CEO rage kicked him. He than thought to bypass my war by switching to another corp and bringing his few loyal members with him.

Well hearing this story about being kicked for even offering to pay on the corps behalf pulled on my heart strings a little so I decided to dec the new corp and run some locates. Soon enough I worked out they had decided to base out of Apanake and so I sent a scout over to keep watch. Just after down time I spotted a self named Rattlesnake with a cheap fit log on and begin to shoot defenceless NPC’s. Well this had to be dealt with.

We burnt 26 jumps across space in cruisers and I grabbed a ship in Dodixie too. A scout was sent to watch him and soon enough we picked the perfect time to strike. Our ceptor pilot tore through the mission gats one by one until he was finally on him and called ‘Point and Scram’. I brought in my small alt fleet and began to pull him apart when suddenly he convo’s me… Unusual

I take the conversation and cut DPS. What follows was a conversation that landed me several War Target Bingo’s. Here are some samples
‘I am new you make me quit’
‘Please don’t kill I am broke’
‘rly and your wnat more people play this game?’
‘Pls let me go I pay you later’
‘I do not participate in the war and I’m not interested in it.’

I tried to work out a reasonable ransom with him and asked for a screencap of his wallet and assets in station. If it totaled to 250mil I would let him go. He refused to give me a wallet screen cap saying over and over he only had 56mil isk and gave me an evepraisal of his in station assets. Wait he is this new and knows how evepraisal works? Nope too many red flags

So now I do something I never do and rules lawyered his demise. I hate rules lawyers… ‘If you go to station and trade me everything in the station I will not blow up the Rattlesnake’. I am sure you all know where this is going. He ejects from the ship and warps to station. I promptly board it and dock it up too. Sure enough he trades me the stuff in station and sends me exactly 57mil isk. Wait 57mil isk??? That lying SOAB. I order the ceptor pilot to pod him when he gets back on grid and sure enough we quickly send him elsewhere.

What follows removes all my guilt or potential misgivings as to what we were up to

xxxxxxxx> you understand that for this will burn in hell?
Noragen Neirfallas > Yes I do. Again I am very sorry
xxxxxxxx > I had 1.5 billion so I do not care about those pennies
xxxxxxxx > loosers
xxxxxxxx > I will burn all you

I love interacting with people and giving them a purpose in the game. I hope this guy will think fondly back on this one day after he comes to get his revenge on me.

Noragen Neirfallas
Founding Member and Judge of the Court of Crime and Punishment


That poor Rattlesnake now has a nice home! Well done.

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I used to nurture a firm revengeful set of mind about my first ever loss by a filthy ‘nulsec pirate’ who killed my belt ratting Cyclone in Great Wildlands. It was my second Cyclone, told myself I had 2 now, lets gather teh riches of NPC Null. I was under 6 months old. Kept track of the dude for over a year, running locators from time to time. Good times.


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