A Lesson on MMO in-game currencies, and why paying for game-time with PLEX should stop

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Its short term profit >>>>> long term profit, and yea, it is self inflicted with some serious and simple lack of competence in the mix of it too.

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I should have emphasized "who is really paying CCP"

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That’s okay Taliena. We know the problem will go away if it’s ignored long enough (sarc). In the mean time PLEX is going to the moon!

Why not remove the ability to pay for your accounts with PLEX?
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It’s not a problem though. Plex price will hit whatever maximum price people are willing to pay for it. Then hold or drop.
I remember when 1 month worth of plex first hit 500m and people lost their ■■■■ about how THAT was going to kill the game.
Still waiting for it a decade later at nearly 4 times that price.

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