A little enhancement to career agents

Well in short minmatar career agents is a little bit harder that career agents of other factions (considering you do them with the ships and ammo they provide) since for some unknown reasons minmatar career agents give new players EMP ammo, while Fusion would make their lives a little bit easier, and basically make them equal to other races (since sansha at amarr has EM/Therm weakness, guri/serpentis have kinetic/thermal weakness, and angels has explosive as weakness, and EM as highest resist, which makes EMP S the least useful ammo against them). It’s not much, but it might definitely make at least minmatar newbros life a bit easier.


You can use a Venture and 2 light combat drones for every career mission, even the combat ones. You can use whatever ship and ammo you want. You don’t have to use what they give you…

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