A lot of confusion and lack of freedom

new players are confused.so many boosts,skill injectors and buffs and this and that.it’s too much and too confusing.i showed the game to 3 friends and the 3 gave up because they were confused with the fact that everything has to be paid , including having to pay to turn off the security state in high sec.

Well this isn’t anything new. The game has always had a subscription model, and has always had a steep learning curve.


In WOW you buy your subscription, buy a mount, buy special items outfits, buy packs, buy skill levels.

In EVE you buy your subscription, buy Plex, buy, skins, buy packs, buy skills.

Same < > Same, nothing too hard, they probably just didn’t find a 20+ year old geezer game all that interesting.

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I agree. It is confusing.
It’s going to take me years to match what I learn little by little and translate that into actual “on the ground” gameplay and tactics.
Then again, I’m not looking to conquer the galaxy so I take it as it comes and do what I can to make sense of it all. I’m just a poor lowly little capsuleer in HUGE universe.

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funny that this is what new players care about

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