You tried all you best for new players?

MOONWIBE > Old players don’t pay thier bills(Bcz they don’t give a ■■■■ about plexs) want new players to pay(buy pecks buy subs), and you want new players to learn your boring game(Cut 1 hour content to 3 pieces and let people frustrated or lose their ship to slow down their jounery so they can keep subing, or buy pecks, or you are not man enough) and you don’t want them learn quick(as i said some intentional design) so they can join the game more quick so don’t pay. And you say you want to the new players to join the null sec corp be a dog to someone, Have a older player lead you even he don’t pay his bill, converse charge design, let a guy play longger than you be your HR in a game. So much bs. This game is ridiclous with so much flaws.

Few topics if you want your game survive:
FPS content, let the ship can actruely fly in the space.
Let null sec old players bleed, There is no way you can enjoy null sec and not bleeding as an old player, let old players(your loyal customers) pay the bills not the new players
10M sp for a new player in this game right now is a start. Don’t give them bs 400000 sp in AIR and said we tried. A new player unless be lead to train the excatly content like excately some faction T2 BS and excately faction T2 weapon( Then it should be considered as an old player knowing this game). 10M sp for a new player is a start if you want him try all the topic you create

abyssal without warning, ye i know you have WARNING: WE WILL LET YOU LOSE YOUR SHIP
Can jump in can’t jump out? Find can’t defeat them can’t just go must to die with pod? SO REALISTIC in a space game. Change a way to squeeze player’s money.
No guide just list tire, bait new player to play abyssal in AIR program T0 to force them lose their first 10M ship in the follow to charge money buy pecks. REALLY good.
Baiting T1 crusier to go in, says we allow T1 and T2 tech.

Who are you talking to?
Why do you think omega time is somehow cheaper for older players?
What are you writing about T2 weapons all the sudden?


Too much Blue Pill.

You are not very lighted aren’t you?

Too much brain damage by constantly reborn tech.

I am very in for more skill points on new characters! :+1:
But then CCP has to inject those extra sp on all my characters!
Do it!

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