Hello everyone and what do you think about this?

I played the game a long time ago and then stopped playing.I think there is a production team that doesn’t understand players, and unless that changes, your player count will never increase.Since I haven’t played and followed the game for a long time, I don’t know if there have been changes, but I think it’s the same now as it was when I was playing.There is a time dependent skill development in the game and if we want to speed it up, we have to pay money.This is the biggest mistake that can be made in an online game.There is an incredible difference in power between a rich whale and a player who enters the game for two hours a day.To cause or allow this in any PVP focused game is to restrict the number of players in the game.The game was free when I played, but when I entered the game, I realized that I can never use some ships when I don’t pay, or I can never get as strong as those who pay for the game.Even if I paid for the game, I would never be as strong as those who started the game before me or paid more money.I also noticed that ancient whales set up a slave system in the game, some people started giving orders or we were constantly deceived when I was mining.Your number of players is limited to old players who pay a certain amount of money for the game. As soon as new players understand the system, they stop playing the game just like me.Of course, in the short time I’ve been playing, I’m not counting on these whales offering me something in return for me to undress on camera because I’m a woman.When I refused, a prize was placed on my head, which I could never have imagined to earn as much as the prize money.If you ask me why I wrote this after years, I just saw it on youtube and it came to my mind.If you’re going to ask why I thought of it, I’m playing another space simulation.I just came back from a five-year expedition there.You don’t need to ask what is the difference between that game and here, but you have learned what a player like me thinks about you.I was the first to discover thousands of star systems there. Now I started playing pvp oriented.Frankly, I think you guys don’t have the skills as a pilot, but you do have the money.Good luck and I hope your policy changes before the game closes.

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There is a lot to unpack here. I look forward to the trolling this will generate.


What are you talking about? A sub cost like 12 bucks a month, and represents an incredible value. I mean, play for 3 or 4 hours a month, and it’s already a better value than a movie ticket.

Second, you don’t have to pay to go Omega. In fact, there are people who have posted guides on how to do it through different activities, such as trade, abyss diving, and incursions. So, even if you can’t pay, you can still go omega with a little bit of knowledge and effort.

Third, CCP does have bills to pay, and subs generates revenue without being anti-consumer or P2W (and no, I don’t think that statement is contradictory).

Fourth, you have a defeatist attitude that poses a far bigger obstacle to your success than when you started the game or whether or not you pay for a sub. But rather than regurgitate points I’ve already said in a dozen other posts, I’ll point you to one I’ve already written. The short and skinny of it, however, is that when I started playing, Eve was already 12 years old. And I have manged to survive and thrive. So, I’m thinking that the problem isn’t that vets have an insurmountable advantage, but that newbros perceive an uneven playing field, and give up without really trying.

I’m sorry you had to go through that. That is completely unacceptable behavior. I also hope that you reported them. I’d hate to think that they are still out there acting that way to other females Eve players.

Finally, I want to assure you that those assholes are not representative of our community, and I hope that it doesn’t prevent you from making friends or joining a corp moving forward. You might also want to check out corps with a large female presence, such as Sixth Empire. And perhaps some female Eve players can give you some pointers to help you navigate an online space dominated by males. It feels wrong telling you that you should take precautions to reduce your chances of being harassed, but I don’t know what else to do besides take a stand against harassment when I see it.
No P2W

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Wait…so you’re saying someone who has been playing a particular game for some years just might have some advantage over someone who has been playing that game ten days?

Is there any game that is not that way? (any game worth playing)

When my father taught me how to play chess he was not easy on me because he wanted me to learn . When I finally started winning some it felt great because I knew I had persevered uphill against the odds and so my hard-earned victories were accomplishments. EvE is much the same in that one can either learn from it or say it is difficult so I give up.

Sounds like you were in a bad corp. That is unfortunate, but it’s hardly all corps.

Yeah, that’s not ok at all. Also a pretty good indicator you were hanging out with the wrong people. Definitely not all the players of EvE are like that.

Good that you refused. Bounty on someone doesn’t really mean much, really. It scares some people but doesn’t get you hunted for it. That bounty system has been not in operation for a long time anyway.

EvE is not, and has never been, a space simulator. Glad you’re enjoying whatever you’re playing.


I think it needs formatting before I’ll even bother to read it.


Something something send nudes.


Defiantly hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Also try plexing in EVE it really gave me a scene of urgency to play, clear goals in the game, and good bill paying habits. Incursions.abyssal deadpace, and explo are all great ways to plex.

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Someone found a random chat bot huh.

Why should we care what you have to say, then? It’s obvious you have no interest in EVE.

Fair, but player count increasing is not a good in and of itself.

EVE is a subscription-based video game. You have to pay to get the full experience. It’s been this way for nineteen years with no issues.

Actually, the point of the passive skill training system that is more or less unique to EVE is that it allows you to progress regardless of the amount of time you put in. I can spend a month only logging in for an hour a day to tend to my PI farm and progress exactly as much as someone who logs in for eight hours a day over that period.

Your mistake is in thinking EVE is free.
It is not.

Considering you clearly don’t understand “the system”…I doubt it.

W h a t.
Keep your weird creepy fetishes to yourself honey.

And because that game was Elite: Dangerous, literally none of those systems had any meaning and the odds of anyone else visiting or even knowing about almost all of them are astronomically (hehe) low.


It won’t, and it won’t.


As @Aisha_Katalen wrote, once it gets better formatting I might bother to read it, not interested in making my eyes bleed trying to read a continuous wall of text without a single line break. :facepalm:

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The TLDR is that it’s another generic drive-by troll thread (i.e. the OP will never respond), as can be evident from giveaway markers like:

  • use of terms like “whale”
  • “I’m a girl, you see” gender-baiting
  • casual mention of extreme sexual harassment that literally everyone in the game knows is extremely bannable
  • terrible syntax and punctuation overlaid over good grammar and spelling

Usually I’d play along, but this one is so run-of-the-mill that why bother? Looks like some people got hooked, though.


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Rich people can inject ISK into the game, and they can buy and inject skill points and they can train at an accelerated rate. To some people this may seem like they are getting an unfair advantage but it dose not come without a cost in £ or $ and this helps the eve community as a whole and any money that makes it’s way to CCP is good for the game.

ISK and skill points do not buy success in this game. ISK buys fancy ships and fittings and skill points allows you to fly these ships and fit them. The real skill needed to succeed in this game is learnt buy playing the game and being able to learn, and this is achieved through hours spent actually playing the game and cannot be bought or traded.

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Gotcha. Moving along swiftly.

I think non click bait forum posts and the use of paragraphs is a good thing.

You think half the posts on the forum are baits, trolls, or otherwise fakish of some sort!

You are so wrong!

…it’s probably more than half… *sigh

I don’t even trust half of my own posts these days.


With good reason.