A message to Wkumi Pol, Chieftain of the Brutor Tribe

Chieftain Wkumi Pol,

I am the daughter of Clan leader Immuri Soche of Clan Soche, Freatlidur II. I am the widow of Clement Mehra, who passed from vitoc withdraw in YC 119. I am a diplomat of the capsuleer corporation Minmatar Munitions of Electus Matari. I am writing to you because your people need you to take action for their survival.

The following request is out of desperation to save both Clan Soche, and the Brutor tribe. The current events of Turner have shown that our enemies once again hold the keys to our destruction. We have also been at war with ideological subversion with our leaders, as a “wait and see” mentality has plagued the other tribes of Matar. While leaders may be content to sit on their thrones of personal wealth and power, our enemies grow stronger and prepare to destroy us.

The Soche clan, I am sure you are well aware of is home to one of the Brutor tribe’s most thorough and selective special operations and warfare training sites. My clan has happily provided top tier operators for the Brutor tribe while simultaneously fighting a guerrilla war against the terrorist group Frels Orrostumaðr from our very homes on Freatlidur II. We will continue to provide for the tribe until our last breaths, though we cannot do so indefinitely without help from the tribe.

I believe that the time has come for the Brutor tribe to initiate the necessary actions to end the threats to our people. I petition now for you to withdraw our troops from EDENCOM and unleash the Brutor fleets upon our enemies. Allow the other tribes to decide for themselves whether they are determined to sit and wait for their destruction, or if they will take action with us. Let us lead the fight that must be fought. Let us send a message to the cluster that we will not stand by as the Amarr and their puppet organizations eat away at our strength and subvert our leaders into inaction.

  • Hasna Mehra
    Clan Soche
    Minmatar Munitions
    Electus Matari
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