A mistake made and speaking in the height of anger

(Pier Rin) #453

No, it clearly stats in the eula, he cannot do what he did and also the punishment for that.

  • he said live on stream he does not care if he got banned or not, so i see np in the ban.

(Gregorius Goldstein) #454

GM work on a case to case basis and while they can lift a ban when they see it suited no one is entitled to such a lift just because an other player got one. Some rule of thumb with GMs in every game: It will not better your odds to make stuff public (like Gigx did) because it makes things more complicated. Creating more work for the GMs by mass appeals won’t work either.

(Lord Kaho) #455

Yeaha and everyone would say the same in that situation.

CCP should really rethink about that. Unbanning the Mittani after he provoked a 40k playerbase to offend someone that he does a suicide is also a hard criminal act in iceland i think.

Saying ■■■■■■■■ after he woke up and get ■■■■■■ up on a 10 years work isnt that hard.

Everyone know this and everyone know that The Judge know about the reaction and started the livestream.
Just to provoke a Ban on CCP side. As a CCP Member (And yeaha THe Judge is a part of CCP) he has know what he have done with the stream.

He ■■■■■■ up a large alliance (its eve… its okay) but he also focused to force a ban of one player by his provocation and the stream of the chat.

A Permban is to mutch. If i see that a Mittan can still Play.

(Drago Shouna) #456

Ok, after reading the first 150 replies, and the last few I found something interesting.

gigx has been called a content creator several times and once a great leader.

Not once has anyone called him a friend, or good corp mate, or good alliance mate, or a good player, or really said anything nice or good about him.

That probably says as much about him as his reaction does. I don’t know the guy so I don’t really have an opinion about him in game, but this ban is deserved.

(CMDR-HerpyDerpy Hurishima) #457

“Don’t threaten to cut off someones hand again slaps wrist, Also don’t ask for there address” Slap slap

(Lord Kaho) #458

We are not taking the “he is a friend thing” here @Drago_Shouna.

The part here is he did offend one, yes. But a Permban is to mutch.
Mittan forced a whole playerbase to mail an depresive player that he should suicide.

And he still can paly.

Dont know if that ever got a RL thing but with that online video it should probally be.

(Nomie Kim Kim) #459

IT is unbalanced.

(Pier Rin) #460

First of all even if it would be a provocation, GigX stay reasponsible for his own actions.

He (i think you mean the Judge) did not do nothing to a large alliance what could not have been fixed. But GigX, with his temprament, did more harm to co2 then the Judge, could ever do.

The Judge set up a trap and GigX fell for it and has to face the consequences for it.

Further more GigX is the one who put the Judge in the position to be able to do this.

(Lord Kaho) #461

As i sayd it “okay” what Judge did. Thats EVE.
But this “its gigX fault, he deserved it for beeing bad to me” thing its just a self secrutiy for his soul.
He got payed InGame and dont know what he did on CSM meetings…

Be a Theft, be a Asshole but you dont Stream a Chat if it wasnt your Plan to get someone banned.

This Judge self security thing to get a “good karma” (I have done it four you my Kids) its disgusting.

But well, Streaming such a thing just to provoke a ban is a offense… But i wouldnt be suprised if that was also payed.

(Drago Shouna) #462

This has nothing to do with what happened at Fanfest with the Mittani who was allegedly drunk.

That was dealt with at the time, and to keep comparing these 2 incidents won’t help anyone.

(Lord Kaho) #463

Yes… Because if you are Drunk and you kill peoples in Reallife noone will punish you… lol… xD
It isnt that easy. You are old enougth to drunk so you should also act like a adult.

If you do ■■■■ you have to pay for it.

This “Mittani was drunk” thing is just for his, CCP and your Karma.

GigX was drunk from sleep, wake up with this news its also a thing.
If you wokeup that fast, with this news, you just dont have controle of yourself.

Is this answere okay? to get a mirror to this “Mittani was drunk” thing?

(Pier Rin) #464

It does not matter if it was streamed or not. He did not have to respond, no 1 put a gun against his head and said threaten the Judge.

I really would like to see prove of the fact he got payed, but no 1 can. Cause i think did not happen.

I dont know GigX personally and i have nothing against how he plays his eve. But RL threaths is over the line.

(CowQueen MMXII) #465

He forced someone?
He make a stupid remark over a stupid mail nearly nobody in the game would have taken seriously. While without question out of line, in content as well as in place, he neither forced, nor encouraged not seriously! suggested anything. It only became more seriously when it became public knowledge that the targeted person was indeed in some kind of mentally unstable state.

Compare that to an allegedly repeat offender when it comes to direct RL threats (and add the other EULA violations).

(Rising Rider) #466

Of course he was paid.
the Keepstar was SOLD officially fpr 300 bil. and there is proof of this as well as other alliance property.
However a threat is a threat, even because of justified(?), rage and must be punished.
I don’t know gigx or the judge or a the mittani or any of them but I believe in equal treatment for all of us.
Furthermore from what I hear gigx was not the easiest person (to say the least) to fly with and I will not say he was a content creator or anything like that cause i don’t care and I even don’t agree with things we all know he did.
i will say though that HE WAS THERE fighting with his people (unlike many other alliance leaders) and I respect him for that.He was also very aggressive even against his own, something that I don’t agree with but this is not for me to be the judge (ok this seems a bit awkward mentioning “the judge” here lol)

(Drago Shouna) #467

It’s nothing to do with “karma”

I’ve never been in Goons or Co2 so I have no vested interest.

I’m simply pointing out that comparing 2 different incidents is totally pointless…

BTW, IF it’s true that gigx has had previous warnings over his conduct, then that makes the ban even more justifiable.

(Pier Rin) #468

i dont say he did not get payed ingame. Some people were saying on this forum he got payed with RL money.

(gabrial13) #469

I agree, He made a mistake when he lost his cool , Tbf everything was falling apart around him and so he went temp insane.

A punishment is warranted , a public apology also is required , perhaps a trial period as well/ but not a perma ban , He clearly already greatly regrets his decision

(Nana Skalski) #470

Why you have to be mad, Is just a game.

(CCP Falcon) #471

One of the most severe breaches of our EULA and Terms of Service possible occurred.

Punitive action was taken in accordance with our current policies, and we consider this issue closed.

This thread will also be closed, as we do not discuss actions taken against individual accounts with third parties.

(CCP Falcon) closed #472