A network error has occurred during authentication

Getting this error message when trying to launch any of my accounts, and if I remove an account and attempt to add a new one all I get is a box with a 500 Internal server error.

Uhm, help?

Yeah same here on account management page. I can log into the game, but when i do my accounts are alpha (even though im subscribed) and all chats and local are empty.

Got the same problem, been trying to login for the last 25 minutes and getting the error : a network error has occurred during authentication.

Tranquility pop population dropped by thousands. Currently down to 7060. Discord down too

same issues here. CDN pumped then.

All accounts Alpha, PLEX vault empty

Cloudflare had issues this morning, they have posted a blog on the outage: https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-outage-on-june-21-2022/

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