Unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and origin server

Greetings fellow Capsuleers,

I have got now, for the second time, the following error in eve client:

“500 ERROR Web server is returning an unknown error
There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server. As a result, the web page can not be displayed.”

Followed by some IPs, a error reference number:“520” and the Cloudflare location.

I’m wondering how many of us have seen this and If such issue is considered CCP responsability or ours.
Usually the connection is back online after a few minutes but I have experience some unhealthy losses both times that this happen.

The reason of creating this post is for me to understand if this is the type of gameplay experience I should be counting on and adapt my playstyle to it (bye bye abyssal deadspace) or if it is a known issue which can be mitigated by CCP taking responsability of their contract with Cloudflare and possible reimburse the lost assets.

Another question, anyone knows if it is possible to connect directly to CCP servers and not use Cloudflare network at all? I would much rather have a bit more latency if that would mean a more stable connection or at least some information regarding connection issues would be in CCP control.

Thank you all for your time and fly safe o7

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