A New Challenge to High Sec Gankers

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I take it the mittens scandal was enough to push him out?

Looks to be a few Karen complaints starting to stack up against [DrysonBennington]

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Imagine people paying for practice when test server exists :rofl:

Too daft to avoid a gank yet bright enough to use a test server?


Don’t we need Omega clone state before we are allowed to use the test server?


Unless you have a high SP Pilot, I don’t see the benefit compared with Tranquility.

You can loose 100 ships and it doesnt hurt your wallet even a single bit, also you can extract sp and shove it into something else you want to try and wait 2 weeks for your sp to be restored to default.

I was thinking more on the lines of capitals. Like very high SP pilots 100+

I keep this pilot under 50 and see the benefit in tranquillity as my losses costs are less than a penny.

Most capital pilot’s are 30 -40mil sp alt’s most people’s mains are their highest sp and no way they will keep those stuck inside a capital for long periods of time.

There are people with 200-300mil sp with no cap skills and all the specializations to V such as the alliance tournament players.

Well I sub and sometimes I like to go play on the test server like this coming 27th I want to log into the test server.
See you there?

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Aiko, stfu. Go play Dapper Dan someplace else, please and thank you with no harmful intent warranted, your heinous.

Gunnery Practice would see a target ship fit with modules of varying types, mostly armor or shield + reppers to test how well your PvP ship will actually perform in a combat scenario against a specific type of fit or random ships with random fits.

Although the target practice seems very expensive, losing an 800 million ISK fit ship doesn’t sound very lucrative.

Most alliances run with what are called SRP ships, or fits designed to maximize fleet DPS during combat. Some of those SRP ships get turned into single PvP ships with the same fit. You can also look at Zkillboard to pull your ship fits from.

Better yet, perhaps CCP could create a second simulator that allows you to fit up a drone (non-piloted) ship of your choice and fittings, Fitting the target ship would work exactly the same way you would fit a ship in the ‘Simulate this Greatness’ screen. Once the target ship has been fit and your ship has been fit, you would select ‘Enter Gunnery Range’. The next screen would see your ship and the target ship on the gunnery range. The Drone Target would be controlled by AI, meaning the Drone Target AI would function like an NPC rat, but instead of the ship being PvE based, the ship would be PvP based, requiring a new type of AI. AI that thinks like a Capsuleer. The drone target ship would orbit a series of large asteroids and wait for the Capsuleer to decloak. The Drone would then perform various route paths through the roid’s while engaging in combat with the Capsuleer. A comparison printout would then show the strengths and weaknesses of the Capsuleers ship versus the AI Drone Target. Idk, you’re the AI, you figure it out.

How the drone AI would be different is that the AI would actually have to be able to adjust it’s thinking on the fly, such as during a fight, the Capsuleer begins to Neut or NOS the AI Drone with drones, 3x NOS drones, while dealing with the Caspuleer’s ship using a medium NOS. The AI Drone would then have to either attack the Capsuleers drones or attack the Capsuleer’s ship while managing a Cap Booster with charges, while managing the shield and shield repper modules.

The Gunnery Range would be accessible only in a station. But not stations. You would also have to collect tickets to use to enter The Gunnery Range. Tickets would be found in a variety of NPC rats with the rate of drops for a ticket would be 1 for every ten NPC. Best place to get tickets would be from combat sites. Mission NPC’s would not drop tickets. Tickets would not be dropped from any NPC at the Comet in Deltole.

Low Sec would see an increase of the tickets, increase, by 2 with Null sec seeing a 50% chance of 4 tickets early in the morning (upper Null sec) with a steadily increasing chance of 5 to 6 tickets by early evening ( deeper null sec) with it all eventually trailing off into…BULLSH**T!, by late evening.

Citadels could also load the Gunnery Range module into their, citadel that would give access to The
Gunnery Range in High, Low and Null as well as Sleeper space. Thought I was asleep and forgot the Sleepers, eh? Nice try Conclave.

Eve Online started out nothing more than pixels mining ore pixels, but look at Eve Online now, from what it used to be, the addition of the Gunnery Range would add so much value to the environment, the closeness the Gunnery Range would bring to a man and his woman, sitting by the fireplace, lights low, candlelight flickering on her face while she stares, fixed to the Gunnery Range simulator, she takes a sip of her hot coco with nutmeg sprinkled on top of whip cream, topped with a cherry. The wood in the fireplace crackles, sending sparks into the spark catch, undaunted you don’t turn to look, because you are a man of the fire, master of the spark catcher, Real Eve-Online genius, you explain how you built this ship in her honor to engage in internet spaceship Weeble wobble nonsense and f**kery.

Come on kids, pull your heads out of the afterburner and get CCP to work on something that will set Eve Online apart from those other, ‘well you know, like those ones, for sure-a’, environments that a, blows a bubble that pops, give me a moment folks, there is some errors taking place in the data center, if you know what I mean. Environments that aren’t Eve Online.


You to can wear a cap and spandex and hold a flag, that, while holding your closed fist on your hip, Eve Online, waving in the breeze, cape fluttering behind you, you definitely say ‘Yes, I, EVE-Online, Do You?’


CONCORD doesn’t shoot -10 people, they shoot people with criminal timer
It’s the Faction Police who shoots -10 people.

I’m in for being target practice, in fact i have many hundreds of Catalysts in low sec, come shoot me anyday if you are paying that much.

For that much we can even do sparring and train 1x1 pvp, i’m way better with Condors, Kestrels and Hookbills tough.

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Is this the guy who believes bugs on his telescope are martians?

You’re telling me they aren’t?

Way to burst my bubble.

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