A new tactic

bait stations could be two different forms that both could work put a station in a system with only one gate put somthing at a very low prices that has a high use (plex could work) then gate camp there and have a fleet outside the station to kill them

First. Tactic as old as EVE.
Second. Plex won’t work. Educate yourself how it works…

fine then how about captial parts

Now you ruined the opportunity for him to waste his PLEX at cheap price while getting no people entering his trap. :stuck_out_tongue:

A merc group like Black Flag would descend upon you with the wrath of God, just because they can…

So you would hire them personally. :smirk:

i think it’d be too much trouble to catch a few victims. a normal gate camp at a high-traffic gate or chokepoint will provide more kills.

If it does not have a market hub, is not in Caldari highsec or close to Jita we really don’t care.

Just go camp a lowsec asset safety hub with blinged out Lacheses and Legions and Bhaalgorns and Navy Domis and crap.

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