A new type of battlefield for low sec

CCP has tried removing local from nullsec but the people there rely on being safe. The people of low sec rely on danger to make a living, so naturally no local for low sec would make sense the lawless lands between high and null.

The problem with no local as seen in pochven is people flying cloaky ship’s and insta warp hecate’s and jackdaw’s the “solved state” to no local.

So I would propose the following changes to low sec or at least faction warfare low maybe as a testing ground for such changes (test chamber):

In these area’s.

  1. Removal of local.
  2. Removal of cloak activation ability.
  3. Minimum of 3 sec align time, mostly just reducing align time for hecate, jackdaw and travel ceptors, everything else should have an easier time getting passed gate camps.
  4. The disabling of all sensor boosters and remote sensor boosters. (to reduce the effectiveness of gate camping)

Low sec would become a lot more dangerous, FW would not be run by insta warp hecates and jackdaw’s and they would need to put some skin in the game to actually run the site’s instead of being perfectly safe.

All activities in low sec would be worth more since less people would do it.

And best of all, low sec’ers are hearty people I don’t think you will see them going UNSUBBING ALL 10 ACCOUNTS!

That is a terrible idea, make it one line and add it to the one line bad idea thread.

Low is the transition for new players and small corps from high to null/wh.

Are we playing different games, Null sec is much easier to live in than low.

Typical getting trolled by high sec gankers and gate campers…

As for me am neither a ganker nor a gate camper (though have no issue with either playstyle either). Just providing useful feedback to educate you as you constantly used 's to denote plural when it means something else in case you’d like to improve your grammar. The decision is entirely yours and completely voluntary of course. :wink:

Yes, if you hide in empty systems and only undock when you are alone or are a renter/member of a bloc.

Otherwise, in POPULATED systems low is much safer, if for no other reason than the lack of AOE mods.

You seem to have lost a lot more in low sec than null just saying xD

Forum alt right?

Nullsec someone enters local and the ratters just dock, in low there is people in local all the time you just get used to it.

If you want to run that covert research facility in your vargur there is a init neutral alt just waiting for you to try.

The ratters are afraid, they live in empty systems only. Those players would be just as afraid in low.

They are really just high sec care bears hiding in empty systems.

Those players wouldn’t get anything done because they would be warping back to safety every 5 min in low thou.

I mean sure there is quite systems but no where near as quite as a lot of null.

And that is a null issue, low has nothing to do with it.

The fact is they should make all null sov null.

So no cloak and increased align time… How exactly do you expect anyone to get through a gate camp again?

I really wish we had less gimmicks, not more.


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