A plea to the leaders of the Republic

I understand that it may take some time to implement this plan of action and I sincerely hope that you take this into consideration. I know for the most part this will dwell on deaf ears and good possibility that there will be no action taken.

I have no clan, no naming mark, I am just a former slave that was rescued and later released. So I understand where the voices of the refugee’s come from and what needs to be done to secure them to be stable and being able to be financially capable of taking care of their own. I do understand that what I am offering is expensive and extensive given the numbers that flee to the Republic on a day by day basis.

Being a refugee in the Republic, means that they are still used to the fact of living in poverty, with little to no education, and no money either. What the Republic needs to do is secure an education for them so that way they can be successful in the Republic instead of living in indentured to anyone or in generational poverty that comes with being a Refugee.

The Republic needs to put in place a substantial program for the refugees that are coming out of slavery either by running away or being rescued. We need to show the rest of the cluster that we can take care of our own and not living in the deplorable conditions that we usually find them in. I have refugee centers, orphanages, and I have a level four care facility in a undisclosed location. They are always full I have to turn away people.

We need more facilities through out the Republic, we need to educate these victims of circumstance, arrange for people to help them be successful in our empire.

Its time for the leaders that are fat and rich to stop living off the backs of the working class as well. We need a general election in the Republic where all the Tribes come together again and reelect their leaders that they want to lead them into the coming days.

Things are scary right now, I get that with the Trigs invading known space. But get off your fat asses and do something about it, do not be afraid to protect the people whose backs you live off of.

I am willing to wager that this will fall on deaf ears, but I have decided that I will make my voice heard and will tell people that we need to act for change in the Republic. So I challenge, the Matari Capsuleers to take a stand against what is going on in the Republic and raise your voices and your sway. The way you promote change is by starting at the beginning with baby steps, but we can do this.


Literia, thank you for opening your heart and sharing your thoughts and worries with us. Even those of us who are Matari and grew up learning about the horrors of slavery are so often blind to the needs of refugees.

I would love for us all to put together a scholarship program to support refugees gaining an education, or even going through capsuleer training if they so choose. And if there’s anything that any of us can do to support your operations, or help to expand them, then please let us know.

Our opinions seem to differ on how likely the Republic’s leaders are to actually do anything about the situation, but I will continue to hope that we see change in the government and greater equity in our society, among our clans, circles, and tribes.

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Stars below, no. We do not need a return to Federation-style mob rule. I agree with the need to do more for refugees, but on this matter, I could not disagree more. We are not Gallente. We do not need their ridiculous obsession with counting noses. We are better off with it gone.


A born free Matari has a different upbringing then one raised in slavery, depending on if the holder of those chains is a kind one, or brutalistic. I unfortunately have seen the sides of how brutal one can be with those ‘under their care’. But it is the ones that have come from a rough background, are the ones that I tend to gravitate towards. I still have about a 130 slaves from the butcher, 30 of them have critical needs and time to heal their spirit before they can function in what we call normal society.

The only change that we are going to see right now is if we make the changes to ourselves and to those around us. Reform starts with one person and the seed grows from there. I am far from perfect. I have my past before I was a capsuleer and the choices that I have made since becoming a capsuleer.

The only time that I can see true reform coming and forgive me for sound quite stereotypical, but there needs reform in the institution that people call slavery. Any child that is born into it should have the chance to grow up without those chains automatically imposed around them right from birth, because they were born in unfortunate circumstances. There are generations of Matari that don’t know anything but this, whole families and communities born in servitude because of this.

Maybe I am being idealistic with hoping for a change, but I hope with the seed starting with me that it will grow to those around me. And from there into the people they interact with and so on. That’s how change happens.


Then what would you suggest for the leadership to take notice and not sit on their high horses off of the backs of the working class and refugees?

Work through the existing mechanisms. You say you don’t have a Clan, and that places you at a disadvantage. Network with others of your Tribe. Get them to raise your issues within their Clans. Talk to refugees and see if there is any Clan structure that’s survived among them, or being reconstituted… hell, consider establishing yourself and some of them as a new Clan, and petition the Tribe for recognition.

I don’t know how the Brutor do things internally, so I can’t give you any real specifics. But you’ll get much better results working within the system than you will trying to call on the masses to tear the system down. One way might get you a modicum of influence. The other will get you a lot of pushback from people who see it as you trying to force your way of doing things down all of our throats.


Literia, have you had a full DNA workup? The Starkmanir Tribe has some pretty liberal Tribal adoption requirements.

Almost all of us, with only a few exceptions, were slaves.

I agree. This is what we fight for, as Matari. Some take up arms, some take up words, but as long as the Amarr hold our people, we need to fight.

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I do agree with you, Lit. It’s a sound idea.

I speak with the refugee’s every day within my centers that I have for them. I was once one of them. I dont know how the Brutor do things either to be honest, I have yet to meet a knowledgeable Brutor capsuleer that could guide me. Even the baseliners of my tribe are wary of me because I dont carry the mark.

Thank you Arrendis, I will read a bit more and look into it further, I appreciate the input.

No, I have never had my DNA ran at all. I am just what my parents told me what we were, never second guessed it at all.

We need to learn to take care of our own that is coming into the Republic, I understand the financial strain that it could be on the government, but I would be willing to donate to that as I am sure a lot of Matari capsuleers would be willing too as well.

Why don’t you get one? There’s nothing really stopping you? Even if you don’t have clear biological ties to anyone, there’s plenty of clans who will take you in – especially as a capsuleer. Hell I’m surprised you managed to become a capsuleer without joining a clan. Job pickings and support networks are pretty slim without it.

Unless the area you migrated to was full of a bunch of purist clans? I can see that being pretty rough.

I mean, the Republic already does this? Obviously sometimes the system is strained and people fall through the cracks, and there’s better prospects after you’ve joined a clan, but there are many forms of support available for refugees and immigrants.

I’m a former slave too, and I also lived in the Republic for awhile after my family’s emancipation. And yeah, it was hard at times, especially before we got into a clan, but we did have access to support.


“Available” doesn’t necessarily mean “accessible.”

I don’t want to pry into Literia’s situation, but I’ve met her and she seems very genuine, so I’m ready to assume that she’s looked into these forms of support but run into barriers.

Your plea will fall on deaf ears in the Republic Literia. How many Capsuleers have the Empires listened to? I’ve been to worlds where the ‘free’ still live in the chains of poverty or worse, with their spirit broken.

As you say you were a slave. You have no clan, no mark, yet those things could be yours if you wanted them badly enough. If you want to see change you must have the strength to lead it yourself. To use your wealth and influence as a catalyst forward, not to waste it pleading with an empire. They already believe they are doing what is needed or what they can, or else you would see change.

The ones that want a better life must choose to pursue it with all their being, but the ability to make that choice is a vital step in that process and the ones that have been denied that choice are children, victims of the mistakes of their parents. So I will make you this offer. I will provide the isk and personnel necessary to educate and train 500 children of your choosing into professions that suit their talents and that will provide a stable income for their future. I will do this because actions are more meaningful than the words others have written here.

If you want to discuss this offer you know how to reach me.


Pilot Literia. With regard to your problem with finding care for refugees I would refer you to the leaderships of Gradient and the Sisters of Eve Rough Riders. Both groups have existing and long established aid programs for such folk.

As to your issue with being clanless. I would refer you to the description of my own corporation. My father’s clan was formed recently. He, originally, arrived in much the same way as a clanless liberated mine slave. He was lucky enough to meet a recruiter from the Fleet Marines and he made his way in the Republic on that basis.

That said his promotion to Captain and the acceptance of his new clan does have a fair bit to do with two of his sons making the cut as capsuleers.

I’m not sure how things worked for you, but my clan never had trouble voting as a clan under the “old” system either. Does not speak much for cohesion if clans need enforced block-rules because they cannot work out a unified voice among members without one.

It’s not like “work through your chiefs” and “elections” are mutually exclusive. This new government did not exactly invent Clans and Circles, you know?

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No, it didn’t. But the old government gave everyone leave to meddle in everyone else’s affairs.


Within our humanitarian work in SICH we always have had the problem of helping refugees and slaves fleeing from the Empire. More precisely in terms of connecting them with their clans back home and even easing them in the Republic.

We have a system in place that helps in terms of education and jobs and the Republic has been quite helpful but we can always do more with partners. I would be willing to help you in whatever you may have in mind.

Doesn’t seem to have stopped with the new one.

I dunno, we’re not asking everyone’s opinion on everything anymore. Now it’s just capsuleers trying to throw everything to the mob.

Well, them and the Brutor getting pissy about how a bunch of non-Brutor spend their time.

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I’d take offers of help from this man with a grain of salt. He’s not very transparent with his business dealings, as I found out via my diplo work with ARC.