Plight of the Refugees

With some heavy hearts, I have come to a decision that there is more need of recognized psychiatric facilities that are specialized in dealing with those that have had the misfortune of being mistreated in their shackles to others.

My facility in the Pator System is home to approximately 150 women and children that were the victims of being mistreated and discarded like trash. So without further adieu I am going to be funding, building and employing people that are in these fields. By the end of the year I will have 4 more facilities that are specialized in dealing with these kinds of situations.

In a perfect cluster these types of facilities would not be needed but until the practice of slavery is abolished all together there will always be a need for these. The facilities will be located planet side in four different systems that see the heavy influx of refugees that need this type of care. I will not disclose their location to protect those that they wish to help.

We seek to create a community of survivors from their shackles and able to mentor and help others that come after them that need help. The agreement I have with anyone under my care and will go for any one of the facilities that I fund, when they are able to walk through the doors to the outside, I will personally take them any where in the cluster that they want to go.

We do believe for one to tackle their trauma there has to be a holistic approach to it, body, mind and spirit. We do not accept people that are forced into our facilities, everyone must be willing to enter of their own accord.

Now, I am not asking for funding or a hand out. But if you know of people within the field that are seeking employment and can pass my security screenings then please send them my way. Right now my one facility is dedicated to women and children. One of the new facility will also be dedicated to serving those who identify or are male.

Come the new year will be another announcement of a medical facility that will be opening and dedicated to helping the most vulnerable. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to send me a mail and I will get to you as soon as I can.

Literia Khammael.


I would be happy to recommend psychiatrists and other specialists for you, and to spread the word about your facilities to my peers.

Additionally, I can arrange for Viavant clinicians to volunteer at your facilities a few hours a week, if it would help. We have psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical workers, registered nurses, and neuroscientists on our roster.

Doctor Quatrevaux,

If they are willing to go under a full security and background check then I have no problem meeting your people. Right now I am conducting interviews of people as the ground breaking commences.

The facilities should be fully operational by the new year.

Literia Khammael.

This is an excellent initiative. Good luck and let me know if you need logistical help. I’m mostly retired these days, but I will leave home if the cause is worthy.

Thank you for your good work.

I will put word out in the circles I am in touch with that employ quite a lot of medical and spiritual professionals with experience with refugees.

Thank you, any help that can be given would be appreciated.

Just a bit of an update, ground breaking for all four sites have been accomplished. We had shamans from all over come to bless the sites for prosperity and balance.


NEMA has invested heavily in the treatment of PTSD due to the fact that many of our employees are in some way scarred - either due to human trafficking, poverty, slavery, or standard war trauma. We also employ individuals from every background.

We’ve managed to get some of the best doctors, psychologists, and researchers in the cluster together to work on this, and we’d love to extend their services for your needs. No cost attached. They’re very competent, and I believe they would be of great help in your endeavor.

That would be wonderful if you could. I am collecting a team for each facility from across the cluster.

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I’ll confer with the team, see who we can spare from our own research, and send them your way. I hope their assistance will help you and your people.

I appreciate anything and everything you are willing to do. Thank you again.

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