A proper welcome back

Decided to look into coming back to EVE after a few years away like most players do, found out my old alliance lost its sov (happens) and all my gear is stuck in safety. Start rooting around on my toons and doing maths and find out almost the entirety of my stuff is locked up and next to 0 liquid isk to start with of course good job 4 years ago me.
So after an afternoon of piece mealing stuff into hisec and selling a hull or two at a time and a couple contracts i missed a 0 on setting me back i have handed about 30b to the ether and have another 30b in asset safety fees to go and have not a lot to show for it. Really kills the desire to return to the game honestly thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

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You really can’t blame anyone else for wasting billions of your ISK on making typos. I mean really not sure what you expect here. Unless you don’t bale anyone else for it and just feel bad about it but even then there’s not much to say beyond the obvious.

Funny story to share I guess? :thinking:

But hey here’s some relevant advice: Next time pay attention then put the claimed amount of wealth in a hauler and get it popped then share the killmail, it is more entertaining that way. :wink:

Because let’s be honest making a typo doesn’t really come off as an entertaining story.

Another solution would be to pay attention, get back some of your wealth and donate it to the Magic Schoolbus, then at least it would help some new players instead of vanishing into the aether.

Or something. Just trying to add some humor to this situation but not much here to work with. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well that’s just, like, your opinion.

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Nope it’s just fact. :upside_down_face:

I can help you with that.

wasn’t blaming anyone actually, was just adding another facepalm story to the boards but thanks for your response it shows your comprehension skills.

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That’s why I asked what your goal was with that block of text as it is not entirely clear to decipher. :wink:

Anyway good luck typing properly in the future!

Sheeesh…even when buying 16m ISK worth of ammo I check that it is actually 16m and not 160m in some scam. I check 3 or 4 times before hitting ‘buy’. Eve is one game where OCD actually helps.

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If you are in your own corp it also can be a safety net if you have a separate corp wallet where you put your wealth and only have a handful of ISK on hand and only transfer enough to your character’s wallet that is needed for a purchase and only right before you make the purchase.

Alternatively you can have the bulk of your ISK on a dedicated or simply different character on the account though then you have to actually switch characters to can transfer ISK.

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Yup I have one character owns most of my ISK who then transfers to other chars as and when it is needed. I also collected most of my ‘trash’ and have one character in Dodixie who owns it all. Really useful, as I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve bought modules, ammo, etc only to find that some other accounts already had all that stuff just sitting there in inventory.

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Yeah, I keep a few trillion in corp wallet and only like 400 million at a time on DC for that reason. Got tired of buying Hornet I drones for like 200 million ISK. Also, this helps when I’m getting ransomed, because I can quickly send them an imgur link to a pic of my wallet to prove that I can’t pay, and they sometimes let me go.

These peoples also file a tickets for reimburse I bet. I have an experience with that on my own CRPG server.

nah no reimbursing whines, the bad contract was really icing on the cake is all, just annoyed at how costly its been via asset safety costs to get up and going again

Yeah this is no cheap game…

Welcome back to Eve Online,

I know a long time ago if you’ve been gone for a couple of years and your assets are stuck in enemy Sov space, you can petition CCP to do a one time move of your character and one ship filled with as much loot as possible to a safe station. Not sure if that’s still available but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

As for the rest of the stuff, you can either sell it or hopefully have it moved by a Null Sec Transport Corp like Black Frog Freight, if they’re still in biz.

Anyway, hope you have good luck and much success with your career here in New Eden…



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