A Public Service Denouncement

In certain times of our lives we come across information regarding certain individuals which one may find troubling, or outright concerning due to their potential implications in their current employment or to their colleagues or partners. I’ve been privy to information that certain people who I care for deeply are not aware of, and whilst I would use private channels to convey said information, I feel it is in the public interest that this information be made available to all those that have dealings with this particular person.

I am of course, referring to Captain Silver Night. Whilst supposedly he has reformed himself from the days where he was an outspoken advocate of Sansha’s Nation as part of the Naqam Corporation, becoming a noted member of the interstellar community as part of Re-awakened Technologies and the Arataka Research Consortium, as well as being a self-professed ‘philanthropist’, some recent actions of his have nevertheless raised concern. He has expressed an interest in a fairly vulnerable Federal member state in low-security space, as well as a strong personal interest in the implants of a certain friend of mine whom I shall not name to preserve their privacy. I have been convinced through my research into past and present events that the proverbial Slaver Hound in question has not changed his stripes.

His tenure in Naqam, a Nation loyalist corporation, can be described as nothing less than horrific. His involvement in numerous shady and downright questionable affairs is deplorable. Several of these enterprises include the development, production and deployment of the notorious ‘NHB Happy Chip’, the ‘Safe Harbour’ initiative in which free chips and passage to Stain/Esoteria were offered to vulnerable citizens and refugees of the State of which several thousand took his offer. They have most likely fallen into the vice-like grip of Nation, never to be seen or heard from again. In addition to this, he also criticised Caldari loyalist groups such as the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive for eliminating Nation combat vessels in the Providence region as part of a joint-security operation with the Curatores Veritatis Alliance in YC111 for not being in the State’s interest, despite the State being part of the coalition of the willing that burned down the Nation in the first place.

His attempts at subverting innocents did not stop with the State. His hatred of the Federation is undeniable, with threats issued by himself to the tune of: “If we travel to the Federation for something other than groceries, you will know. Believe me.”. Nation launched several raids on Federal territory sometime after this statement, including a litany of disastrous assaults on several low-security worlds in Federation space in which they were nigh-depopulated at the hands of Nation strike forces. Why is he establishing himself in the Federation now, after all this time?

Indeed, his current operations in the Federation are currently located on a low-security world very similar to those that were ‘uplifted’ during the initial raids. Is this what he implied all those years ago, nefarious activities dressed up under the visage of being ‘humanitarian’? We know through parsing Sisters of Eve medical reports that those under the banner of Nation rarely leave the fold, and if they do, almost inevitably return to Nation eventually. And well, Nation does like sending agents provocateurs in advance of a full-scale raid. That this be permitted is unacceptable, and I won’t stand by and watch a potential agent soften up this world.

Captain Night’s involvement with pirates, terrorists and criminals are well-recorded throughout his career, historically with organisations such as a working relationship with a Covenant-aligned entity, Cruoris Seraphim, and its representative Celes Tenebrae. They collaborated in forming an orphanage for children that were undoubtedly indoctrinated into Covenant or Nation-inspired ideologies, involuntary upgraded both genetically and cybernetically, with gruesome ‘blooding’ rituals carried out upon children that were not part of the Orphanage or the ‘Exalted family’ as it was referred to. Children! Targeting youth not even old enough for the State to even consider beginning their training! This working relationship appears to have transcended their old corporate employers, as both are currently members of the Arataka Research Consortium. This is surely indicative that they continue to work together on these ghastly projects, and that any pretence of reformation is merely a smokescreen to earn trust and approval by his peers.

Furthermore, his direct employment of criminals and terrorists is well known, including one Sarakai Voutelen. Sarakai Voutelen was a terrorist specialising in the wholesale slaughter of Intaki, falling under Captain Night’s protective embrace. Safe harbour provided for a mass murderer from the Federal authorities by a Caldari nationalist and a Nation sympathiser, no… a Nation collaborator! Numerous other outlaws are known to work or have worked for Captain Night, although there are too many with a variety of criminal charges to their records to list in this post. This recruitment practice of his continues to the present day, with several under his command bearing criminal records of varying degrees of severity.

And finally, what interest does Captain Night have in the Federation, an entity that he has historically condemned and shown a great dislike to? For someone that has exhibited strong opinions on the Caldari typical of the Patriot Bloc, condemning the Federation’s society and values, accusing the Federation of committing genocide against not only the Caldari but also against Nation, as well as stating that Nouvelle Rouvenour was justified to an extent, this represents a considerable change in perception. He can only be there for the sole purpose to act on his beliefs and prejudices, especially as his interests focus upon a small, vulnerable member state in low-sec Federal space.

We Deteis are renowned for our ‘faces’, our convincing ability to conceal our true thoughts, emotions and desires from others. I have my own faces, I have my own flaws and I am not innocent of utilising this practice when convenient for my own affairs. However, I am not Nation. Captain Night is employing an elaborate ‘face’ to conceal his true intentions in an attempt to deceive those in the Federation. With statements such as the following: “Yes, naturally everyone lies… I might have to bend the truth a little though.” and “The ideals of the Nation continue to drive me to fight its enemies” it is fairly damning to his character. Now, one may say ‘Oh, it’s been ten years, what relevance do these statements have in the current day?’ Ten years ago, I was swept up by Heth’s message out of anger and rage, and I have done my utmost to change my outlook since those dark days where hate and anger ruled my thoughts. My misgivings about Captain Night I felt were also relegated to history, until I chanced across an installation in orbit above this low-sec world where his operations are, with Naqam corporate registration! A surveillance station, undoubtedly gathering and sending information off to Nation-affiliates, in a region ravaged by Nation! There can be no doubt about it. We have been misled! Deceived! Captain Night is still Nation at heart, to his very core. And I urge you all, see this man for who he is behind the façade! The traitor, the collaborator, behold the man!


What’s next, Commander Adams? shakes head

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This may become interesting.


It would explain some of the traffic I’ve seen along the Sinq Laison-Domain border. But honestly, Mr, Adams. This is fear mongering and hyperbolic rhetoric of the worst kind. I thought you above such base propaganda. If I used excerpts of your Summit comments even half as old as what you are quoting from Night, I could paint you a fiend with ease.

While we all await with open arms the return of our brother to the fold, such infringements upon his integrity are hardly warranted. Though he has strayed from home we know his heart. You should be ashamed.

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There are several other Sani Sabik and Sansha capsuleers that people do not seem to mind at all, and berate me, when I do. What makes this case particularly horrific or more worthy of attention again?


A bold accusation. I think I will need to see more evidence, more concrete evidence, before I can subscribe to it but I am not adverse to being convinced if sufficient further proofs are brought forward.



I don’t like to post on the IGS. The words here last longer than the people, and I don’t care for litter. Here? I can’t help myself. I like that even less.

I was a baseliner in Hueromont when Silver was making posts like these on Galnet, years before we met. I never read them myself, but like most capsuleers, his face was on the tabloids, and the coverage wasn’t flattering. I’d carry my grocery basket past the magazine racks and roll my eyes, because I was “above” such petty he-said-she-said bollocks, and eggers hardly needed our attention to make fools of themselves. So when I met Silver and he summarised that time as “a mistake,” I accepted that and moved on. It didn’t come up again.

The first thing you’ll learn about Silver is that he is a profoundly private man. The second, that he is polite to a fault. I won’t go beyond that out of respect for his privacy and my own uncertainty. I appointed myself his vocal advocate because he refuses, as he is private and polite - again, to a fault. I introduced him to my friends and family, Kador, Franco, Ibrahim, Aedre, Charles, more, and I said, forget what you’ve heard. Look at him now. And they listened to me.

This is the first time I’m really, actually reading his words. They’re ugly things. Better consigned to the trash than framed like you have done here, now. Some of it is… painful. Recoiling from my datapad as I scroll through. But this was ten years ago, and the words of ten years ago isn’t evidence. Capsuleers swap entire empires for a few months at a time, even if Nation has more of a staying power.

The only real “evidence” you mention is… this Naqam installation. I guessed at the planet you were alluding to, and unless there’s more than one, I found it. Franco did, actually. He flew from the warzone just to confirm. I asked, how is it that we’re just seeing it now? If we just discovered it now, are there more that we haven’t seen yet? It was, beyond a doubt, Naqam, and it was, beyond a doubt, orbiting a planet where Silver is operating. Franco said it took a few shots at him and then ■■■■■■■ self destructed. We’ll have to check the entire constellation - region?- to see if there’s another we can disable for more info. Edward, do you have pictures? How did you find out about this?

A random Nation installation in a region Nation’s already been known to operate in? Whatever. Naqam?.. That’s too much of a coincidence.

I want to tell you to bugger off for posting this publicly. I want to be upset and indignant and, most of all, I want to argue. You’ve got brass. But this… This is bigger than one planet. I might have been wrong, and I might have put so many at risk in being so. I can’t breathe. Why couldn’t I keep my fat mouth shut?

I thank you for sharing your truth, albeit distorted and irrational. I thank you not for making it that much harder to sleep tonight. I need time to think.

-Tressith Sefira


Oh gosh, a Sansha loyalist remains a Sansha loyalist?

Who could possibly have foreseen this?!

Of course, the cuddlefuckery proponents will come swarming out of the woodwork in order to denounce that which isn’t cuddly enough towards monsters and horrors with pleasant outwards faces, along with the usual locust swarm. This is to be expected this time, just like every other time it happens. A very few might be convinced and realize that certain ills aren’t curable, and certain sins aren’t forgivable but…

… will anyone actually take a stand that amounts to anything? That’ll have to be the success or failure condition in this rather adorable little scenario. Of course, that the only ones who tend to actually put their guns and assets where their mouth is tend to be on the side of ill-intent does skew the chances for New Eden’s “righteous” showing themselves to be worth anything rather close to zero.

Hmm. No, I suspect the likely scenario here is that the end-result will be that the vast majority of this board’s denizens will convince themselves that it’s either not true, or if it is, it’s not that bad and it’s far more important to be nice no matter who it is. History does tend to trend towards that.


The Naquam installation self destructed? After shooting?

Exactly what is this “installation”?

What you describe doesn’t match the capabilities of any Upwell or Starbase technology I’m aware of, so unless Naquam somehow managed to fit guns to a TCU, I think further clarification is needed.


The affairs of others are none of our concern. Surely a historical dislike for the Federation is something that oughtn’t to ring alarm bells in any Capsuleer from the State?

Captain Adams, I’m a great fan of your work in the warzone. I’ve had the honour to have flown with you a couple of times and you struck me as a consummate professional and an undoubted patriot (with a small P - we haven’t discussed politics). I’m somewhat surprised to find you concerned about events occurring in the backwaters of Federation space.

Whilst Silver Night may have had some dubious associations in his past, I haven’t seen anything in his public actions to suggest he is still actively working with Nation. In a matter of private business between us and Priano-haani, he was punctilious in his desire to be beyond reproach.

I would extend to him the benefit of the doubt.


I’m not sure that it’s the case that only those of ill-intent tend to put their money where their mouth is so much as it is the case that once you take a firm stance and back that stance with arms you are placed beyond the social pale.

All the cluster knows how often that’s happened to me because of a rough bunch that I’m only too pleased and proud to have associated with (and married into) in my youth.


Don’t say it like that, you’re making me feel old.


The installation was small and undetectable to my sensors at first, it appeared to be manned, I would estimate several dozen crewmen, certainly not of Upwell design.

Only after tracking several unusual transmissions to their source did I encounter the installation; My camera drone captured an image of the Naqam Heavy Bioindustries corporate insignia on the structure as it opened fire on my vessel, afterwards self destructing and leaving no salvageable evidence, consistent with the design of many covert observation posts.

… wait, are you implying that a capsuleer has anchored and set up a structure outside of the licensed Upwell/POS/Outpost series (discounting TCUs etc due to the following), armed it, and it somehow does and then does not have the ability to hide from capsuleer sensors, has a self-destruct feature and leaves no wreck or structure behind?

My my, Silver must be quite the super-villain, somehow having obtained powers completely and utterly unheard of among capsuleers since their very inception. He alone has this tremendous capability, sidestepping CONCORD entirely and among the countless thousands of capsuleers in New Eden he somehow did this. And was discovered by you.

I have no doubt he’s probably Sansha, their loyalists tend to stay loyal whether they’d like to or not for obvious reasons, but this is where this entire claim fell apart completely. He’s an old fart as far as eggers go, but he works under the exact same constraints the rest of us do.


Many sins may be forgiven.

Some may not.

Even should those that commit them repent, their acts remain indelible upon the face of time, forgotten only by the naive and the willfully ignorant. Their presence may at best be tolerated, but never should a mortal have the right to forgive some of the most heinous acts the human beast might commit in its foolishness and selfishness. God, perhaps, will have mercy, but in such cases that mercy is not for us to give before Him.

Only death gives them absolution. Only oblivion for their souls awaits, and a fading memory in the mortal realm as their being is forgotten before their crimes. And even those are eventually wiped clean as humanity embraces better things.

In the circles I move in, we do not forget such things. It is good others do not either. This pilot’s character and his mistakes should be reexamined should the public at large and those close to him forget. Some may forgive. But there are some lines that one may never cross and expect to be welcomed back from. Contrition can stay a death blow, but not elicit an embrace.

Judge as ye will. I know where I stand. The rest of you should think upon where you draw your lines.



Every once in a great while, you speak my language and I am reminded why PIE are among the very few enemies of mine I have a small measure of respect for.


Why not? Many minor (size wise) installations don’t show up in our feeds. There is a world out there we can’t see straight from the NEOCOM, unless CONCORD wills it. I’ve rented several minor research platforms and imaging satellites in the past - are you going to tell me they don’t exist because you haven’t seen them? Granted, none of them were armed that I know of, but I wouldn’t consider it impossible.
Surely space elevators must also be imaginary, since I’ve never seen one in the NEOCOM.

There are trillions of people out there who don’t give a crap about us, just like they shouldn’t and just like we don’t give a crap about them. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a very apt saying.


Did you set up any of those? Did you arm any of those? Have you ever seen anything on your sensors that the rest of us can’t? Of course our sensors are limited, but equally so. Our capabilities when it comes to setting up infrastructure is limited as well, and equal among all of us.

These are limitations enforced with no ambiguity by the same powers that ensures we can’t see most civilian traffic, have no targeting resolution on ground-side targets without very specific sanctioned targeting beacons, and more.

And keep in mind, this one was supposedly armed and capable of attacking a capsuleer, traceable by comms signals and part of our sensor suite target list. Capsuleers can do many things, but anchor and arm structures that aren’t within a very specific series of sanctioned infrastructure is not one of them.

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Mr Phonaga, you mentioned a corporate logo. Was there any additional evidence or information?

While most of what Mr Adams has posted is painful and regrettable, even those things taken out of context such as communications with MXD after they had declared war on Naqam - years before the ‘incursions’ from the Nation started - it has all been a matter of public record. Indeed, it was largely fresh in the public record when I left Naqam in YC111, and available for Re-Aw leadership to review when they accepted me. They, of course, took other appropriate precautions that are exactly what I would expect when accepting a former Nation loyalist, and honestly it was a relief that I had someone as skilled as Dr Char to make those evaluations. While I had never accepted any sort of Sansha implant, one can never be too careful.

However, this installation concerns me. Those who know me well will, I hope, believe me when I say I didn’t put any secret, Sansha installations anywhere. I will also point out that given my level of experience as a podder and the caution that comes with that it doesn’t make very much sense that if I did put up a secret installation, it would have a corporate logo on the side of it.

I’m frankly a bit insulted that whoever set this up didn’t put more effort into making me seem competent if they were going to frame me (if I set up a secret installation, the serial numbers are filed off everything down to the janitor’s electric toothbrush, thank you very much) and also insulted that someone would try to frame me at all. However, setting aside any personal injury, I’m very concerned that someone might be setting up any sort of Sansha-aligned listening posts. Even as clumsy as the attempts to apparently frame me were, there is still the question of who might have set up this installation.

Mr Adams, you seemed to have all of this information ready to be publicly posted immediately when the installation was discovered. In your apparently extensive research into my background, did you happen across anyone who would want to surveil the world in question and who also might have an agenda against me?


Besides two bursts of aggregated communication data, yet to be studied further, no evidence that could be used to positively identify the owner of the installation survived it’s sudden destruction.