A PvE Only Player

I am a pure solo player, and found it easy to PLEX my omega account by hacking relic sites mostly in NULL space. I like now the challenge of playing as an Alpha player.

I have a video of me playing a new alpha character (day 1 skills), and i made over 250M ISK in 2.5hr. Watch my videos to make 100M ISK/hr. YouTube channel Alpha Bob.

—Alpha Bob

I wish there was like a high security area where you could play casually and get less rewards, without having sweaty teens blowing you up. Even just making agent missions free from gankers would be fine. I mainly came back to fly cool ships and play Diablo style against NPC’s. You know, earn some cash and maybe nice loot, upgrade ships eventually to bling status, then maybe go destroy my nice ships in PVP or harder NPC’s. Finding the hardcore PvP doctrine probably is not for me though, and I can accept it.

I do think there would be a bigger audience for the game if there was some provision for the casual players. People get home from a hard day and want to kill stuff mindlessly sometimes, not checking zkill, scouting with alts, mashing dscan etc. I kind of just described Diablo in space actually, which would be a cool idea Activision, if you are listening.

The trick is to not bling your ship (or at least minimize the bling) to disincentivize any gankers. Generally if there’s no money to be made in killing you…

then maybe this is the game that would better fit with you if you think you arent safe in HS if youre not stupid.
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - Disembark, Commander. Leave your mark on the galaxy.

without getting reward of this mission → yea sure why not ! because you only want to play for fun so its not importent to get payed for your mission !

so… eve is a PvP game ! why should a PvP game has some 100% safe space ? if you want to fly casual then do it ! thats what HS is for … but dont think youre 100% safe ! but i will always repeat → its not hard to avoid ganks ! they are just a few little things you need to look at ! nothing realy special … but if you want to be lazy then → i hope your ship got blown every single time you log in !

yu acceptet the rules of eve by accepting the EULA and undock your ship ! so everybody knows you allow them to shoot you ! if you dont want to get shot then stay docked

no thats not the trick … it makes it easier yes but you only need 2 things to avoid ganks ! D-scan and Local ! if you know how to use it then you never get ganked !


I figured Local was a given. And sure, no argument with D-Scan. But unless someone just wants to kill you for sh*ts and giggles, less bling is safer. Fly what you can afford to lose/replace.

yes as i said and i agree with that ! but if you have minimum awareness you can bling the ■■■■ out of your ship and gat a purple discomachine and nobody can gank you ( or its very hard to reach this goal )

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“Purple discomachine” - I like that, lol.

The only way I could see 100% safe space being added is if it had 0% reward, i.e. you mine useless rocks and shoot NPCs that give no bounty. I wouldn’t take umbrage with CCP if they added that; you used to be able to do that on Singularity before that got turned off.

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You can absolutely have that.

Go to: Stoure IX - Moon 1 - Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Research Center
Talk to: Sansallelle Varaert

Thats an L4 Security Agent, you will get as much combat missions to kill NPCs as you want. She won’t even send you into LowSec.

Run your missions in a T2 fitted Nighthawk:

  • around 800dps Fury HM vs Battleships/Battlecruiser, 47km range
  • around 700dps Faction HM vs. Cruiser and smaller, 62km range
  • be on the move with your AB
  • tank more than 110k eHP + 400dps passive recharge, enough for any L4 if you know the triggers and reduce DPS first
  • zero issues with EWAR and Neuts

Possible Loot drop: 15M ISK.
You can bring performance up with some cheap 3% missile implants that also can’t drop.

You will never be ganked in this ship there, I promise. Should it ever happen send me a message with the loss mail, I will replace the ship.

Now have fun, if you do what have just told you you can have your Single-Player Missionrunning gameplay for all eternity and need not waste a minute with being afraid of gankers any more. It’s really easy. “Ganking” is a boogeyman argument, 99% of all people in this game aren’t ganked ever. But I somehow have the feeling you won’t do it.


No safe spaces ty.

You can’t have safe spaces in RL. You can’t run away from RL forever.

You just blew her entire world view apart careful dude! :joy: I totally already don’t do this LOL. Peace and quiet when I want to run lv 4s or abyssals.

You can think that all you want. However, can you guarantee that Eve would gain enough players with a PvE option to offset the loss of the players who like to gank?

And then you still have to solve the inflation problem this idea would create…

I understand that EVE is a PVP/PVE game and most players use it for PVP. I have nothing against them doing so, but it would be nice if with each new expansion that comes out some new PVE missions came along with it. I’m not asking for a 50/50 split of the game but maybe a dozen new missions to keep the PVE interesting. I’ve done a lot of PVE missions and as much as I enjoy it. Doing the same missions practically all the time does get a little dull. I just wanted to throw in my two cents…


Yo have new PVE sites attached to the new FW release like the “mining raid”.

I don’t see the point. It’s still shooting the same old rats, just in a slightly different way.

Not going to lie, I do kind of miss that of Eve admittedly, since I am the sort of player that delighted tons in tinkering with the mechanics and fits that the game offered. The drive to earn as much ISK or getting to deadly status in zkillboard is not something I cared much for. But as Mike Azariah adequately put, it gave away too much intel in regards to POS’s locations, so I can understand the decision to remove it.

No it’s a sandbox PvP oriented game, what you’re looking for exist in wow.

That one confuses some people.

Wth…are you all industrialist bears, they will go.

Nah dude its not what you think. Its different even before 15+ person reds fly in. then its gets interersting.