Suggest Omega-Only Combat Arena/Abyssal Mode

I would suggest the creation of a combat arena/abyssal mode where omega characters only can get into any ship and use any module in the game…then be able to choose different/multiple advesaries to test their ship and fit against…kinda like the test server, but available to use all the time… Even have a multi-player mode so muliple players could go in and set up battles amongst themselves… I think players would love something like this where they can try out the ships and fits of their dreams without having the in-game skills or fear of losing anything… I think free alpha players would buy omega subscriptions just to check it out and to experience the possibilities of what they could attain in the game under an omega subscription… When I was a new player, I would have appreciated having something like this over having a PVE-only Totality server…

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I know what I can attain in the game under an Omega subscription. I’m reminded of it everytime my mouse hovers over a Omega-only module, everytime I go to the ships window and everytime I look at my skill queue but I’m not going to get Omega time just to check out your Omega-Only Combat Arena/Abyssal Mode.
Right now I’m using Alpha to figure out what I really want to do in EVE and the options get fewer by the weeks.
Let’s see… I don’t like Mining, PI sounds like a pain in the neck with all those unuseable custom offices and launching of resources in small increments then have to wait 24h to launch more, Industry was made more complicated with moar clicks and useless intricacies added and blueprints that are nowhere to be bought or cost trillions of isk, I’m not an economist and get actual headaches when figuring numbers so playing the market would cost me too much in Tylenol… what’s left… things that I can do as Alpha anyway like Faction Warfare, only I don’t want to fight everyday…
So I thought I have plenty of time to make up my mind. I’m still 2M skill points away before my skill queue is locked ( is it really 5mil sp or 20mil sp, I forget ) and I’m still to figure out which corporation I may want to join, if any.
So I thought maybe I get into ganking other players. It will be a whole program of learning the tools of the trade, with trials and errors a plenty, but at least it will be entertaining.
Left to decide which activity I want to use to finance my foray into ganking before I become somewhat successful and that will be the hardest to decide.
I don’t want to gank helpless unarmed ships so I guess I’ll learn to gank the gankers. That sounds exciting.

Nice try but Arenas aren’t for me.

I’m the same type of player… i don’t want to gank the helpless or new bros…but I’ve always liked the idea of schemes to gank the gankers… As a solo player, it’s risky to beef out a bait ship and end up loosing it… That’s how I lost a beefed up kronos and two vindicators…well over 10 billion in assets… Ouchie !!! Lol…

My arena idea came from the arena mode in Armored Core…which I though could be applied in this game and be quite useful…as well as provide incentive for omega subscriptions… New player retention seems to be the biggest issue with this game… The Totality server will help new players stay in the game and learn it without being ganked and getting them to rage quit…but the arena idea would provide an alternate place to go and learn combat while Totality will be limited combat…

I already consider Eve to have much more content than ED or SC…and adding to it would only expound upon that draw, IMO…

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:hushed: Ouch! Expensive bait! I’d much rather roam on Gank Highway hoping to catch some gankers unawares while they wait for their victims than spending that kind of isk on a couple of ships.

Of course. When the new players realize that 3/4 of the game is inaccessible to him unless he spends big bucks and months of training it’s no surprise they run the other way.

One can only hope.

True. It will get more players to try combat instead of looking at a lazer lap a rock if failure doesn’t cost millions of isk and weeks of grinding.

You’re right. Elite has much less content than EVE but the Exploration side of that game is just incredible.
I haven’t played Star Citizen and I doubt I ever will. No way I’m paying $80 for a pixelated ship!

I see where you’re coming from with that idea of Omega-only Combat Arena/Abyssal.
We’ll see if CCP is paying attention.

@Shaigh needs a lifetime ban. Please ensure this happens.

Why is that??? :rofl: I really think it’s a pretty good idea… Newbies and veterans alike would use it all the time to test ships and fits against AI enemies or their friends in multiplayer…and without the fear of losing anything… I know the idea of newbies jumping into a titans without the skills goes against the grain of earning that ability…but why not let them experience it in this mode that would be completely separate from New Eden and have absolutely no effect on Tranquilty game play in any way… I think it would help retain omega subscriptions by letting newbies have an inconsequential taste of what they are striving to attain for ships and fits…and they are actually learning combat mechanics while doing it… Like I said, I certainly would have used it to learn combat by creating more and more challenging combat situations at my skill level for PVP in the game… I found that PVE did very little to prepare me for PVP and gankers… Just look at my killboard… Not one kill…just me being destroyed… Pathetic… Lol… :rofl:

I know… My thinking was to do the combat sites and be all prepared for ganker gangs dropping in…maxxed out DPS, dual armor repair, and have a good armor repair boost on board to inject when the time came… Unfortunately, all my PVE experience didn’t give me the right experience and combat savy to do it effectively… The downside of playing solo…

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Exactly… That’s why I think giving them the ability to “taste” what they are grinding for would help keep them in the game with their omega subscriptions going…

I like each game for different reasons… Eve forces the most strategic thinking out of me and I like that…
It has the most content…love the dynamics of the ships and fitting…and if I had to choose one game, it would be Eve for the overall game dynamics… I like ED for the dogfighting style of combat and using a flightstick for a change of pace, and sometimes just for kicking back and doing some mining in solo with no threats… I like SC for the spectacular graphics and character mobiliy…but I’m not thrilled with the ship designs and unfinished state of the game… It also requires a pretty beefed up computer to run it right… My computer barely runs it…but runs Eve and ED quite well…

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