A questioning of reality

(Lursan Ayin) #1

Long have I wandered in the deeps of New Eden. Through space of heretics and friends I have traveled, discovering wonders and perils alike. From the glorious Throne Worlds to dangerous Delve, I have wandered and written, pondered and converted. But now, as I return to Amarr and its glory, I feel disturbed.

How can I, as a bringer of peace, a preacher of the Lord’s holy might feel unclean as I enter the golden gates to the Homeworlds? But I do, as much as I feel my own heart in my chest I cannot deny a feeling of distrust and worry that befalls me as I dock at the Emperors Academy.

This, horrendous feeling of doubt and anxiousness that has filled me… I can only attribute it to my knowledge that I have so long denied. The Lord is ready to punish us. I have seen his wrath manifest before, in war, in death, in destruction, and I fear for our people.

Long have we labored under the assumption that we are true, that we are the chosen Amarr and are incorruptible. But what do we see? A false queen upon the throne, strife within our holy cities. This is just the prelude, and I feel Armageddon approach. As the holy scriptures say:

"Casting his sight on his realm, the Lord witnessed
The cascade of evil, the torrents of war.
Burning with wrath, He stepped
down from the Heavens
To judge the unworthy,
To redeem the pure."
- The Scriptures, Book II, Revelations 2:12

(Lursan Ayin) #2

"At the end of days when they descend
Watch for the coming of the Ark
For within it, salvation is carried"
- The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 32:6

(Ordrean McKarion) #3

Worry Not. Brother. New Eden is a tumult right now. But deep down the foundations are being laid for our ultimate return to a more glorious state of affairs. I have pondered the why so many of the children of a lost mankind were driven to this place.

Possibility all of us here and our descendants were outcast, unwanted, flawed, or unprepared for what the others of our species were undertaking. There is truth out there somewhere in a un-corrupted data node. Those who traveled the stars before us are beyond our current understanding. So much lost that must be regained.

It seems to me brother that the majority of peoples in New Eden care not for any great endeavor say for a few.

Some would ask, how could a perfect God create a universe filled with so much that is evil. They have missed a greater conundrum: why would a perfect God create a universe at all?
— Sister Miriam Godwinson, “But for the Grace of God” (Accompanies discovery of the “Controlled Singularity” tech)

(Loai Qerl) #4

Every part of the Ascension Trials and the Empress’s coronation were carried out as they ought have been, and in the full light of public scrutiny. Calling your Empress “false” under those conditions is both odd and wrong, and very poor judgement for one aiming to Reclaim anything.

But do go on with details about why you can’t abide her legitimate rule? Please. It seems the least you can do.

(Lursan Ayin) #5

While her coronation was carried out to full extent, it has become known that Empress Catiz I is of Udorian blood, and not fit for the Holy Throne. While personally I see this as an interesting experiment that should be remedied before the Purity of the Throne does it for us, ignoring the public’s cries for an investigation into her legitimacy is not a thing to rejoice in.

I hope that Catiz’s rule can soon be remedied, and I hope that another Apocalypse does not take place. It is not an error in her rule, rather an error in her self.

(Loai Qerl) #6

Oh. You’re one of THOSE, one of the ones who hasn’t yet been rounded up and popped into a sack. Ew.

Be that as it may, she’s Empress as demonstrated by her unquestioned success in the Trials during which at any point a glance from God could have set the duty of rule on someone else’s shoulders and claimed Catiz for Paradise. She is Empress, and you’re a sad little man who feels dirty. So.

Have a wash and stop baiting the MIO. You’ll feel better.

(Lursan Ayin) #7

I hoped her rule would be an example of the Empires purified might! That even an empress who wasn’t of True Blooded Amarr heritage could bring wisdom and wonder to the throne. But what do we see. A terroristic organization rising and bringing strife. Our borders are pressed thin and even our population abandons us, deciding to live in Providence instead of the Throne Worlds. I say again, she did not bring peace or victory or anything of the sort, since her coronation she hasn’t even left the capitol! I feel the Apocalypse approach, and I hope that it is not preceded by the downfall of our once great people.

(Anabella Rella) #8

Hah, well so much for all that crap about how the “reclaimed” people can become fully accepted members of imperial society and maybe even ascend to the throne.

I think I’ll keep resisting being assimilated by you slavers, thanks.

(Loai Qerl) #9

Please don’t listen to him. That Purity nonsense is official heresy, and Her Majesty, an Udorian, acts as God’s voice in the cluster. And someday, in the fullness of time, who knows–a Khanid may mount the Throne. One can hope.

Anyway. There are awful people, goodness knows, but don’t think he’s usual. I am serious about the sacks.