A quick announcement regarding playing games and toys

As a result of today short discussion in Intergalactic Summit NeoCom channel I have came into firm conclusion that playing any sort of toys or games is unprofessional conduct and shall never be performed, as it constitutes an embezzlement of valuable time on effort that does not create profit, does not bring knowledge and does not help the war effort.

Small video is attached: Diana breaks a gallente replica cruiser in half with her knee.

I bring my sincere apologies to all my compatriots, citizens and soldiers of the State, who are daily risking their lives to protect our State from foreign invaders for wasting my time on such unmerited activity instead of helping protecting the State.

With apologies,
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

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No matter how many toys you break, you will remain a child.


I think you didn’t get a lot of opportunities to play with toys as a child, did you. You should budget some time to catch up.

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This is amazing. If Commander Kim is so vulnerable to peer pressure she can be convinced to forgo innocent ways of psychological release, it might even be possible to convince her sleeping is a waste of valuable time.

Don’t worry. I have already procured a cuddly toy Fedo for her birthday.

Ms Kim will not go uncared for.

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BREAKING NEWS: Replica Celestis stocks run dry as knee injury related admissions increase by over 300%, viral video making rounds on GalNet suspected to be the underlying cause

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Your mistake was buying a toy and not a model.

I’ve gotten into them recently.
It’s really fulfilling to put the whole thing together and painting it yourself.

I put together a model Harbinger last week! Took me like six hours just to get it all together and a couple more to paint it.


You know what’s even more fun? Building the real thing with only hand tools.


By yourself? That seems crazy tough.

Her right arm is a toolbox. It is reasonably certain she has a data port in her little finger on that hand. Like most anything else she says, do not trust her definition of ‘hand tools’. It likely includes ‘A Sotiyo’.

I want my like back.

That’s underwhelming. I’m disappointed.
Thanks for ratting her out since she doesn’t deserve the praise if that’s all true.

Hey now, I know what hand tools are. And no, the vast array of tools in my hand don’t apply!

That said, I never claimed I’d done it, just that that strikes me as even more fun. Not exactly sure how you’d achieve ‘hand tools’ with nano-assemblers, though, and some of those specifications are tight enough that anything less just can’t do it.

You need to just be less weaselly with your words.

Stop trying to trick people with word games. You know what you implied.

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Pffft. It was a joke. You know, humor? Happiness? That thing the Amarr faith doesn’t allow? :stuck_out_tongue:


Excuse you.

We can have all sorts of humor and happiness. We just prefer our jokes to actually be funny, you know?


LIES! I’ve met Aldrith.

Also, there. Have your ‘like’ back. :wink:

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Thank you.

You’re welcome!

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