A RABBLE IN SPACE ( Just fun play )


I am a very casual player. Not really down with the CTA’s and necessity of 7 day a week EVE  Security to maintain WH/Null space living. I understand why that style of game play is needed, but I work in real life random days off!  Nothing is more sadder than being off line because of real life for three days and seeing nothing but smoldering ruins upon your return! However, I do enjoy social company when I play EVE.  

I have a thought. My man here ORION HANNA HANNA owns his very own alliance. I am suggesting  that one person alt corps register with section eights so that there will be the mail list for the larger group.   I do not have a Teamspeak or skype, so I am looking for a home.  That would be useful when a RABBLE can be sent out to get arse kicked and named taken when the opportunity presents itself!!!  High pressure KB is not me. 

I own multiple toons and have played for years. Sadly my comrades have moved on. I am more than happy to entertain offers. However I am not dependable for mandatory operation certain times and certain days. ( I was ordered once to CALL IN FOR WORK for A CTA ; I went to real life work.) I miss the days of mining and ranting/debating about whatever on Teamspeak.

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