A Response to the Zorya Triglav

With the recent vocal contact from the Triglavian Collective, I, and others within the UNF have taken it upon ourselves to respond in kind to the Zorya Triglav, who seem to speak for the Triglavians.

You have watched, and listened, and now spoken to the cluster at large. You call for Proving of Capsuleers in the Abyss. The UNF has for some time conducted operations and investigations in this domain, alongside and with assistance from our friends and allies. The Capsuleers affiliated with the UNF will continue to do so, and will stand and face your Provings as we continue our exploration and scientific endeavors.

We urge our close friends and allies step forward, to continue this work alongside us.

Fair Fortunes,

Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia
Director, Diplomat
United Neopian Federation


this seems interesting

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