A short announcement - Dunk Dinkle

More info here: http://dunkdinkle.com/announcement/


You got my vote !

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It just got real…

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As said in TIS you’re the on my list as an awesome choice for a CSM rep.

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It was the dog. He had me at the dog.


Dunk has my vote.


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Can someone tell me who this guy is?

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He’s one of the driving forces behind Brave Newbies, his friendly cyno ships (or wrecks thereof) are pretty much always available for everyone to use in our home system and I’ve been making good use of his industrial structures ever since I joined Brave. As far as I know him he’s a lot into industry and regularly makes videos like this about not the state of the alliance.

Previous years he would not run for CSM but still told us what he would do if he did, so you can get an idea of who he is. This video of EVE Vegas 2018 - How To Lead Without Being CEO is also a nice video to watch to get an idea of him.

As a relative newbie (only regularly playing since last summer) I never voted for CSM before and was wondering who to vote for this time. This announcement made it a bit easier for me.


Disclaimer: I’m going to vote for you because I have the same slippers and we know that is the definitive choice of a man of a certain age. So much for ■■■■■■■ democracy. Unless, that is, you answer poorly to:

  1. In one sentence can you advocate for Faction Warfare and the fix required.

  2. In one sentence describe a dream change for null sec.

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I’m not one to play junior game designer. That said, I want to answer your questions.

  1. The two key problems with faction warfare are: non-combatant LP farming and citadels making space “ownership” meaningless. Any “fix” needs to start with those issues, IMHO.

  2. A couple Inter-Regional stargates that appear randomly, last for ~month, and allow direct links between two far off regions for a wee bit of rotating chaos.



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a short video of your house is supposed to get my vote?

Where’s your campaign ad specifics?

Some people might actually watch the video before complaining about it, but you be you.

The video is about to my approach to the CSM and belief that “campaign specifics” & “platforms” are not a useful or good indicator of whether someone will be a good member of the CSM.



Ok then, but how do you make someone vote for you if you have no product to attract them with?

I don’t get it.

I watched the video, but honestly 35 seconds in and I was baffled.

Let me put it this way. If you need to choose a doctor, do you choose one that has a lot of experience looking at illness and will use that experience to solve problems? Or do you choose the doctor that tells you they promise to cure cancer & diabetes, just as soon as you choose them.

As I’ve stated before, I consider most detailed CSM idea platforms as unrealistic campaign promises and snake oil. I have spoken with many current and former CSM members that confirm my belief in how the CSM actually works with CCP and the role of the elected representatives.

My site, http://dunkdinkle.com/, has literally 5+ years of articles and videos where you can dive into detail on my experience and skills. Few other candidates have put this kind of history online in a way for voters to review. Many are only campaign promises with no record to review.



But you have to admit that your approach is a slap in the face to everyone else who uses the normal way of doing things isn’t it?

Why do you think you’re special?

Is it? Steve and Mike tell people almost the same thing - that an Agenda is not how the csm works. Both have CSM experience, so they know what they are talking about. (Havent read all the others but i am sure there are more)

Materall doesnt believe in any agenda either. So calling putting up Action plans the normal way, seems off.


How are we, the general player population who do not know the candidates personally or in-game supposed to differentiate which one to vote for if they don’t have an agenda?

I don’t get it…