A Short Thank You to All Who Attended the Thebeka Conclusion Dinner

I just wanted to give a thank you to everyone who attended the event today held at my family’s estate. It was a wonderful site seeing so many friends and allies come together to celebrate the ending of a hard fought campaign. This was the first time my family’s estate has been opened up for a capsuleer event, so it was pleasing to see that despite some rough spots, people seemed to enjoy the night overall.

I was happy that I was able to both talk to long-time friends as well as meet some of you in person for the first time. It was excellent to see people enjoying both the ballroom of the mansion as well as the gardens outside. I was especially happy to see some individuals who don’t necessarily get away from the pod very often attending.

I want to thank my security team, who while inexperienced, acted quickly and humanely in response to an uninvited guest. I want to also thank them for getting everyone quickly checked into the party and inside in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the Elkin Family Gardens will be open to our friends and allies from now on for those who wish to visit again. Our gardens are a good spot for relaxing. They’ve served me well my whole life. So I hope my friends and allies can take advantage of access to them going forward.

Once again, thank you.


I’d like to thank the security team as well. They responded quickly and firmly to an unexpected intrusion, and one member showed significant personal bravery and a willingness to lay down his life to protect those at the party. While not perfect, their inexperience will fade with time, and they’re learning valuable lessons that will serve them well in the future.



Silly Goon.

We’re going to talk.

It would have been great to have gotten an invitation.

For all I knew you weren’t permitted to leave Delve. However such a matter is inappropriate to discuss in public.

Did you get arrested at a party?

Was wonderful to experience the joyous revelry and see the Elkin Estate first hand. Thank you!


Captain Elkin,

We at Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive give our thanks for the invitation to this gathering. It was a wonderfully hosted event. I feel confident in saying that all of us in I-RED who attended thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Again, thank you very much. We look forward to any future events you would honour I-RED with an invitation.


I do apologize for any injuries incurred in my apprehension of those crashing the party. I did my best to do so without disrupting the festivities.

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They did not have an invitation.

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You know, “exile” does not mean “go shoot fun stuff over there, come back for the parties”. It means “go away and stay there”.

Hope this helps,


Captain Arsia,

I would like to thank you for putting on such a lovely experience. The members of CVA that arrived at the event were all very happy and consider it a rare treat. We spend so much time in the borderlands we rarely get to go out and see the finer things in the galaxy. Truly the event will be cherished by those that attended for years to come.

Thank you so much,

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


Excepting that it was over when I killed the Dark Blood Titan Sovereign of Blood.

Not that I guess it matters anymore.


I showed up, I said ‘hi’, I got served dinner in my own private dining room. I chatted with Aldrith some… it was fun.

Oh, sure, some people might call it a ‘cell’ and an ‘interrogation’… faugh!


Captain Elkin,

It was an honour and a pleasure to attend, and I believe that many great things may come of the opportunites provided by the prescence of so many noble and notable people.

I sincerely look forward to many more Victory Dinners like this one.

Amarr Victor,
Ensign Ekaterina M. deSilvestris.


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