Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

You know that never stops a corporate executive. They can afford to do nearly anything they want, yet they continue to make shrewd deals, sometimes actually trying to break their trade partners completely, even when it’s unnecessary. Oiritsuu is one such person.


This doesn’t seem like a response to my points.

Business is war; war is business. Either you win, or you don’t, and accept the terms of the victor.

It was an affirmation that both State and Federation exist as capitalist and corporate powers. The only difference being the Federation clings to democracy like an appendix: a vestigial system which serves no current appreciable function besides sepsis.

You didn’t address my critique of the hypocrisy of corporate executives regarding their own lifestyles.

The private lifestyle of any citizen, Executive or not, should be considered their own affair so long as it does not impair the prosecution of their obligations to a company to meet its goals.

I await your compilation of mescaline fuelled beat poetry once you grow that hair out nonetheless.

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You’re right. Makes me take a step back and reevaluate things. If what I thought was home ever was? If a square peg like me can ever fit in a round hole? If I’m a fraud, sitting in a seat I don’t deserve, trying to do what I cannot, realizing that I will never be what others thing I am, or can be?

Have you ever been at that table, wondering how it happened you wound up to be sitting here?

I’m a Caldari convert. Excepting my ability to fly ships with unbridled destructive power, I’m one step up from Slaver Hound crap. Nothing I ever do will be good enough. Nothing I ever say will be right enough. On the asset sheets, I am firmly in the liability column.

So, yeah, you’re right in part. Though, maybe instead of exile, it should have been a simple cup of tea.

Mostly because you keep making posts like this, I would imagine.


Marine ! Get your head and your ass wired together ! Right now !

Those heretics aren’t going to kill themselves, Marine. You’ve got a job to do.

So quit wallowing in self pity, pick up your weapon and get to it !

So in order to perfect the Caldari State we need to:

  • Expand the hereditary nature of the system so as to encompass all four castes and not just the top one.
  • Expand the role of the Maker so as to crowd out and eventually eliminate all other deities.
  • Choose the Leader of the State by means of some sort of divinitory rite among the CEOs, as is done with the Amarr Succession Trials.

Adding a fifth caste, “slaves”, made of captured Minmatar would be an optional goal.

All this seems doable to me; I don’t believe the Caldari and Amarr systems to be as incompatible as is often alleged by pilots who would have preferred their State to ally with the Minmatar/Gallente instead of the Amarr.


I might suggest a well brewed oleander blend.

"When all ways are closed
The Way of the Knife opens"
(trad, Sb., Mikramurka)

“And when you should take the way of the knife, you can also decide to just… not.”
(Yours truly, just yesterday)


I see what your intent is here, and it’s worth appreciating. Endearing, even.

But no Marine, or any military personnel anywhere, should be expected to behave as a military machine all the time. They are allowed to have feelings and engage in introspection–

–and despite snippy comments like this, Alizabeth is also allowed to have those moments.

If she is posting them here on the widely uncaring cesspool of unsolicited opinions (including mine) that is the IGS, then I’m willing to guess that she doesn’t have anyone nearer by with whom to vent these frustrations. But I’ll stop my speculation there.

Long story short: Don’t belittle anyone for being vulnerable.

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I’m not belittling her for being vulnerable, I’m pointing out that the very reason she’s feeling excluded in the first place is for doing exactly the same kind of thing she’s doing here.

If there’s one thing I do respect about the Amarr capsuleers, it’s their particular understanding of how to keep their mouths shut. Something Vea seems to continually struggle with.

Pouring your heart out over the IGS might work once in a blue moon, but my sympathy for someone bemoaning a self-inflicted “predicament” (please, someone exile me to the land of free money), is Not High.

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I don’t think either you or I are familiar enough with the situation to be able to make these kinds of determinations.

And as she’s said multiple times, her name’s not “Vea.”

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She can attempt to rebrand herself as much as she likes, but some of us have long memories.

She will always be Vea.



For me also. Safe travels, suuolo.

Funny ha ha , or funny peculiar ?

Well … yes?