A shout out to some of the fantastic and patient amateur voice actors out there

Back in 2004 this guy named Tony Gonzales wrote an EVE novella named Ruthless.

You might recognize the name even if you haven’t dabbled much in the lore since he is also the author of the EVE books The Empyrean Age and Templar One.

About a year ago work started on turning this story, spanning over 100 pages, into an actual audio play. Today the very first chapter was officially released for everyone to listen to.

This is obviously already mentioned in other threads, by the original creator of the podcast, but I wanted to make this post right here in general discussion because this goes way beyond the lore community on the forums.

Over 20 people stepped up (so far) and helped create this project, none of them professional voice actors, many of them nervous and having never sat down in front of a microphone before with the intent of doing anything other then drunken rambling. People have taken time out of their lives to show up in person, send hours and hours of recordings, sit on voice with Zendane repeating the same 5 lines over and over, gotten their families and friends involved and helped cheer on when the project seemed to just be… too much.

So here is the point of this post, thank you everyone!
Thank you for your patience, thank you for listening to his frustrations, and thank you for always being encouraging and thank you for all your creativity acting out your parts. This project could never have been completed without such a great community, ranging from EVE to WOW and even real life co-workers.
Nothing can express the gratitude and pride I feel listening to all the work you have put in.

So without further ado, the list over participants!

Adrian B
Aran Hotchkiss
Briana Holtsnider
Candace Cheyanne
Cathal Katelo
Cyrillian Voth
Danielle en Divalone
Elinari Rhodan
Hunter Cahill
Jacob Toczynski
Jayne Fillion
Joseph Mikus
Lucas Warner
Night Wing
NightCrawler 85
Random McNally
Sasha Nemtsov
Scott Von Clief
Stephen Giordano

For those that are interested in actually hearing their work, you can either download the episodes trough the official EVE Reader website or you can listen to the episode on Youtube.

NightCrawler 85,
the poor wife whom will admit to probably having strangled the poor guy a few times over the past year if you guys had not been there to keep him going :slight_smile: