A significant update to Industry

then genius it will not be a sandbox game anymore … if you want to pew only play COD. or maybe fortnite is more your style



You can only speak for yourself. Not for others. That’s your expression of your self-righteousness and an attempt to appear to practice PVP-only gameplay in some vain illusion to attach some self-worth to yourself.

EVE is a sandbox. Everyone is welcome, and the universe is open to do what anyone wants to do. That includes mining, industry, trading, exploration, and all the possible play styles. These are all equally viable and attractive activities for many people. That’s what makes this game exciting and rich. PVP-only game would be boring and stale.

Your Neanderthal mindset will never understand this.


No one cares about a noob ship. Stop being silly.


This is the final conversion from a Pay to Play MMO to Shovelware, Ya’ll have really missed the mark on design changes since 2014 IMO.

List of Cons

  1. Grandfathering in Insane amounts of wealth
  2. Increase the opportunity cost to the point that it is going to be not fun
  3. Appears to be cost balancing ships
  4. Require a boatload more skills to complete the same task you were previously able to complete for the past X number of years.

Umm halting supercapital proliferation (you uhh shouldn’t have done 2016 the way you did if that was a plan, you’re just giving the playerbase whiplash, hurting player retention, while monetizing it more from the remaining players you have left, this is not a good plan moving forward.

Put this patch on hold and go back to the drawing board because I don’t think you’ve thought out the long term effects of this, as a veteran player this is not the direction I would like to see the game going.


we have done the math. the need for fuel blocks of all varieties is going up more than just a little. we still dont have ice in our constellation. you really need to give us our ice back. even then, it will only be one type so we will still have to buy / trade for the other isotopes. its time to quit starving us on ICE


I wholeheartedly agree. Bring back ice the way it used to be, where it took a full day or more to mine out an ice belt with just a mackinaw.

yesterday I found 5 belts in two adjacent systems. dafuk is ice starvation ?

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yah 5 belts in systems owned by other people 15 jumps away when our ice system has had 2 belts in 9 weeks/. thats the issue

Nope, in HS.

awww, those tiny things are so adorable. They think they’re ice belts.


Speculation has opened up reprocessing opportunities to keep an eye out for
Melt Amarr

Sounds like you are making even more difficult for new players to get into industry, but we’ll see how it works out in reality. I for one did not think T1 production needed any changes but what do i know eh?


Wait… There are belts in null?

lets talk about inventory management. given the dozens of new materials it will take to build higher end ships AND they all have to be in the same hangar or container. how about introducing either Industry Containers which hold more than 1500 types of parts. OR allow industry materials source to be more than one container?

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just allow 10k items in any location already.

I am so excited for these changes. I have been stockpiling material for a while now.

Now all I have to do is recruit 100+ brave and bold newbies and feed them free ships.

This is a good update.

When I started with industry I never understood why T2 was so complex but making a titan was literally just more minerals and time. It never made sense.

The biggest ships in game should also be the most complex to make. A T2 frigate is harder to manufacture than a titan, that should tell you that it was a flawed design from the beginning.

What they need to do however is add industry jobs notifications and better UI to manage your blueprints. I have to use out of game tools to do it.


yea good update… if you are hoarder or market speculator or nullsec power block owner. bad for any others left. why? because they nerfing economy under sugar coating names…


I can’t understand how splitting one way to make isk into seven is nerfing economy but whatever…

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