A significant update to Industry

Because most people want to “do it all myself”. They choose to go vertical instead of horizontal. There are not many ways for players to improve their profits horizontally, except more alts.

Players that want to increase profit margins don’t have a lot of choices. The margins building more complex things are not that much better than building simpler things. The best way to increase the margin is via vertical models.

This impulse is made stronger with the high NPC Taxes and Fees. Why pay the VAT at each stage of production where value is added if you don’t have to? Makes perfect sense to avoid it. If CCP were to lower NPC taxes and Broker fees (although I do have to applaud them on the market ticks and ‘change order cost’) then perhaps the behavior would be lessened. There will still be the ‘middle man markup’ which would impact margins at the later stages of production, but it would be far less significant from a cost perspective.

All in all, more specialized areas are good for an economy. CCP has no choice but to impose these specializations artificially as there is no opportunity for players to discover, invent and produce efficiencies. Efficiencies that present them selves daily in the real world and have lead to the greatest fortunes mankind has ever seen.


And that, I think, is something CCP needs to work on. It needs a lot more complexity and creativity on the back end, but wouldn’t necessarily require more complexity on the player-facing side.


I’ll take Arrendis’ statement and run with it:

If you are alive today, and of working age, and in the market you have already experienced this. Your rent goes up, your bills go up, your cell phone and internet get more expensive, food costs increase, your work becomes more demanding and your work responsibilities keep piling on… but your pay stays the same. Worse, maybe it even goes down, or you get laid off, because ‘COVID’ or ‘Business Reasons’, while some CEO takes a 500 Million dollar bonus.

CCP, we like that there is realism in EVE Online. But that? That’s too much realism. It hits too close to home.


The various Trigger Neurolink Conduits… are they reactions or are they blueprints? Because one section presents them as one and another section presents them as the other.

whats with the ice belts? Are they replaced with PLEX cost? Or we got a fix? Still 4 month and no fix

We do.
And it’s always more badass than what ever we are flying.

“Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not V0LTA”.

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It would be nice, and lead to some more organic economic activity. My feeling is it would be very difficult to code in such a way that players could not find a way to min/max the system; we’d be right back where we started. The soon to be announced ‘dynamic system’ feels like an attempt at this. With out more details on that, anything else I could say about it is a pure guess.

I confess I miss EVE ONLINE. I tapped out in January. I needed a break. I needed to finish my final class ever for my degree. Now besides doubling down on pain in ass things like triglavian and drifter they eliminate industry/mining in high security. Now with trit basically worthless. No TY to Null. I have enough bosses in real life ! I don t need to pay to have more bosses in NULL!!! I respect people in Null playstyle. I just wish they along with their CSM puppets would respect mine. Why don’t they just now have level 4 missions in low or worst ! (sarcasm) I most likely will not be resubbing. Thanks for the fun 11 years.


You can have positive standings with both sides and completely ignore that content. More destruction is opportunity for your mining/industry. Not destroying it.

With incoming changes to industry. Going from frigs to BC will use mostly hisec minerals. Veld was most profitable ore in hisec for only around month, when prices spiked. Before whole redistribution started and now. There are more profitable options in hisec. Do your math…

You just blindly rant without knowing shitt and without putting at lest minimal effort into doing your own homework. But I guess it’s better to throw a tantrum and blame null, because not everything is handed to you on silver platter.

Don’t gett hit by door on your way out…

I hear what you’re saying. I periodically check in to see if EVE is getting any better but it seems to be determined to wreck itself on a regular basis. I was giving some thought to resubbing to just casually mine but it looks like that’s trashed too. The “space invader” addition is not a favorite of mine either. They keep talking like thy have a direction they want to go but end up with one train wreck after another(that’s been true for years tbh). Punching industry in the junk is just stupid.

Every year CCP tries harder than the previous year to put the player base on railroad tracks to null pvp. Disappointing at best.


Newbro here. How can we get the new BPOs?

Once this update goes live, should be available in NPC markets as is normal.

Hey buddy? Maybe you should try DUST? That was great right? Oh ? They cancelled that? Well maybe try Valkery?? Ehh what? They cancelled that too? Hmmmm maybe hang around in Captains quarters and think about it?? What that is gone too? But they don’t time to expand Level 4 missions because they keep doing these other creative adventures? I will admit I am firing cheap shots here! But again they keep fixing and creating content that is not broken.


Well if the stop trying to move many into areas they don’t want to go to, high seccer’s to null/low, null to high and low, and then feed everyone else to the low seccers.
People like their homes they make in wherever they make it, if they don’t want people printing out isk 24/7 but that’s what people want what do you cock a doodle do?

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That’s great, with this patch even empty freigthers will be worth to gank


No matter the price of freighters, if nothing of that value is dropped on death this update will change nothing about the profitability of freighter ganks.

Sure, it will make your ganking killmails look bigger, but an empty freighter will drop 0 ISK in loot.

But but but…
I don’t want to suffocate!

from one side - very interesting, but from another - sde - YOU KILL a small corporation. as always blame the game. Small corp will not be able to build carrier or supers.
but this is not the limit
there is a catastrophic lack of ice. increase the frequency of its occurrence. don’t kill small corporations


Even better, make ice belts like they used to be; huge and hard to mine out!


I agree with you.
Eve was alwasy about the long term and not the insta gratification like CoD or Battlefield