A significant update to Industry

okay, that’s a big misconception here.
Sandbox tells you that the game does not provide you with any goal.
There are mechanism in place. Otherwise there is no game.

Just because you can only see one goal in the game ( “be rich”) does not mean there is only this goal.

You are mistaken. all plans are well thought out. The ice was planned well.

Like pulling 0.0 belts out of a few systems. They clearly thought this out and the fact belts are a spawn points for rats was not an oversight. Nor was not redoing the metrics for system indices. since if there are no rats to belt rat…an index will take a hit.

end sarcasm.

I think that this has it own good and bad to it i think that this will 1 in turn make the ore prices go up sence there is still a large amount of ore that is gona be needed. But also i think at the same time that there will still be some kinda nerf that happens with it again later on down the line like everything els. Because people will still moan and groan about it.

This has no bearing on the validity of their analysis.

You described an asocial EVE Online play experience.

I’m not sure what the in-game chat channels feature has to do with this discussion.

Having restrictions doesn’t obviate EVE Online being a sandbox. If there were no rules or restrictions there wouldn’t even be a game; there’d be a void, as there’d be no boundaries and, therefore, no way to differentiate anything from anything else. It would be undifferentiated chaos.

I think the word you’re looking for is anti-social, and honestly, I would argue that scamming and such activities are not anti-social in the context of EVE Online because, while not nice, they fall completely within the realm of socially and legally accepted norms for the game.

Yeah so it sounds like you’re disagreeable and low in extraversion. That’s fine.

A “crutch”? That’s a really weird way of looking at cooperative play.

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How’s the vacation going? Hardly anything for you to do lately? :wink: :rofl:

“I fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made regarding t1/faction subcap production.” -me


According to the new requirements for the tier 3 battlecruisers, the cost will come down. Since these battlecruisers (e.g. Talos, Tornado…) are primarily used in suicide ganking, this will change the economics of suiciding a freighter, orca and other targets. Was the intent to encourage this gameplay?

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I suspect it was an oversight that will be embraced as intentional. Catalysts should also drop in price. Thats assuming anyone can find basic minerals anywhere.

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I got a feeling that there will be more minerals than we know what to do with them all.

CCp wants miners to get killed more to make everything more expensive for some reason

as if this is more fun?


From what I hear trig space is producing mins, but most everywhere else is dry.

Or to promote more use in out of empire ventures if I was to be nice to CCP. Some doctrines never really jumped on these en masse.

Its just ccp has never really been good at seeing all angles. So this will fail potentially and this is where it will lead. Like that massive overhaul several years back in tiericide.

Oh…people are blowing off tier 1 and 2 BS’ for fleet pvp because of build costs. No…they were not good for fleet pvp by and large beyond niche use. Scorpion was for example the cheaper ECM thrill boat. Most still ran falcon to do it right. If a crew did use missile bs’, they ran ravens. and left the jams to falcons.

So at the end of tiericide…rohk was still the fleet BS, raven was the pve BS and scorpion got a price hike to make it even less desirable to run. Come back to 2021 and some things have changed. Scorpion didn’t. You only see these as rattlesnakes in pve lol.



Good luck!

those are all changes? Thought there was more :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there any patch notes for indy changes? Can see items have updated in game but no notes on the updates page hmm…

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  • Zero-Point Condensates have been added to all ammo blueprints.

That ■■■■ better mean all trig and edencom not ALL like they say.

If you melt a t2 ship the mins no longer drop. Has that been a problematic source of minerals? People melting Kronos to get trit?? Even if it was, what happens to all the mins that went into the t1 hull that is a required building component for the t2 ship? Seriously, why is this a thing? What problem are you solving here?


Unless they stay docked all time it is a loss, because they do something in EVE universe like traveling, hauling, building, mining, trading, exploring, fighting or just dying… so other players can interact with them.
They and their structure contribute to the flow of economy.
They also bring money to CCP to support the game.

When they quit there will be less people in the universe, less interaction, less money to CCP, more empty space filled with just bots and NPCs.

Is that what you wish for?

And where is a magical border where group is “big enough” that they are entitled by you to stay and keep their Raitaru (11? 15? maybe 100?) or maybe they should use voice chat and this will suddenly make them good for a game? And what is a reason to use voice chat all time or for any daily in-game activities?


No; you should probably read - and respond to - the entirety of my statement.

It promotes corp cohesion and the creation of corp culture. This leads to people staying in their corps. This leads to player retention.

I’m sorry if you don’t “like” this stuff, but the health of the game is far more important than your weird solo play preferences.