A significant update to Industry

It is but your unsubstantiated idea of a healthy game. It is but your rationalisation of CCPs actions, they did not state those were their goals for these changes.

You cant force people into corps. Up to half of the population in general are introverts, even more so in videogames. You can easily force people out of the game though. If you’re ok with losing half of your playerbase you are not the one to even mention health of the game.


I didn’t see any about Nugoeihuvi synth blue pill being updated along with the other synth combat boosters. Will they receive a retroactive update later to bring them up to 10% or higher?

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This is just pseudo-intellectual piffle.

I never said anything about forcing anyone to do anything.

Extroversion is a personality trait that’s represented in the population on a normal distribution. Like all normal distributions, 68% of the population falls within 1 standard deviation of the mean. This is considered the “typical” range for extroversion.

Also, you have to take into account the Online Disinhibition Effect. Just because someone is “an introvert” in real life doesn’t mean they will behave in such a way online. In fact, studies show that many “introverts” find they are able to function quite typically, and even be outgoing, online. Lots of introverts turn to the internet because it allows them to be extroverted without the associated anxiety and sensory overload.

Half? Please.

all they need to do to fix it, is swap that stupid burst range bonus for a 10% bonus to kinetic heavy, cruise, and torpedo damage per level, and add +1 launcher. It’ll get comparable dps to other battleships (albeit kinetic locked like the drake) and people can run it how they want. I’d like to see it topped off with a bigger drone bay tbh but that’s just me.

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why are you posting this in an industry thread

Oh, I get it, everything you claim without evidence is true by definition. Anything anyone else say is piffle. That’s a convenient way to debate.

Intorversion is a personality trait that’s represented in the population on a normal distribution. Oh wait :scream: Google Myers-Briggs Introverts Extroverts ratio/percentage.


hey ccp you forgot to update the nugoeihuvi synth blue pill booster when you did the synth booster changes

it used to be 5% vs. the normal 3% which is a good deal, but now it’s 5% vs the normal 6% which sucks


These changes are interesting, faction warfare ships requiring extra stuff hmm I wonder how this will effect things.

Was a 5x increase in nocxium requirement for a retriever intended?
You certainly are wanting to make life harder than it needs to be…
I’m not taking a 56mil mining ship into a 0.4 system just to mine nocxium, especially at 50-55 a rock…
I’m too much of a target as is.
And venture mining sucks.
Are you just trying to get low end potato folks to quit?
Because this might work for me…
And I’ll delete my stuff before I hand it to anyone else.


This doesn’t obviate what I said. Do you not understand how distribution curves work?


Do you?

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Great! So based on that image, about 15% of the population are “introverts” and 15% are “extroverts”. The remaining 65% of people are “typical” and fall within 1 standard deviation of the mean, making them neither “introverts” nor “extroverts”. Try to get away from binary thinking, friend. ^-^

Yeah, it was shocking. I told a corp mate I’d build him a procurer and all of the sudden it’s 6x nocx than before. So like 15m more in mats…


Not neither but either-or depending on situation. It is preferred behavior not binary state.

If you make it a “must” you only retain 15% of people who score highest on extroversion. 15% of introverts AND 65% who deviate and diverse might have a problem with “must”.

I was fascinated by “Friendship Machine” talk initially, but now I think CCP Ghost’s claim that “people tend to stay longer, play longer if they join corps, join fleets”, is a mantra on par with “scarcity breeds war”. I mean it might be statistical error. They claim they have hundreds of thousands of people trying out EVE every year and they have abysmal renention numbers. Those retention numbers might well be statistically insignificant.


So your announcing that there will be another announcement in the near future. Meanwhile look at this spreadsheet on how were going to overcomplicate everything industry.


This is just baseless hurfadurf. Players don’t need a Z-Score of 2-3 in order to join corporations. That’s just a silly implication. Most people - including introverts - enjoy playing with other people than by themselves.

Also it’s pretty silly of you to try mapping the general population onto EVE Online. EVE Online is an mmog - a massively multiplayer online game. You don’t think that has a selection effect?

That list of Ten Types misses out the solo player like myself - one who does not trust the internet and people on it whom I do not know.

I avoided Eve for about eight years precisely because it was claimed that you could not play it solo. I then found a few articles which took issue with that, gave it a try, and have stuck with it. The things that risk my retention the most are the idiotic moves by CCP to force group play. One day they will probably go too far, and I will walk.


Calculating risks is a major part of EVE Online. Trusting people is a calculated risk.

It sounds like you want the rewards but not the risks…




No, it is simply that I do not wish to engage with arrogant, pseudo intellectual narcissists such as you. Posting on this forum is risk enough, thank you. I should also observe that I did not ask for your opinion, and was addressing @Siegfried_Tahl.

Do not bother replying, as I shall ignore you, the chess-playing pigeon.