A significant update to Industry

People just stop the crying nobody from ccp will read your comments.I am sure we can agree on the basics .This changes is helping the little industrial guy and hitting the big null industrial blocks.The new industrial changes along side with the reduction of the isk generation is making the economy healthy again ,and provides happiness and content to the masses . Stop the salt and the negative attitude ffs.Lets all say thx to ccp for the effort and for the hard work they put on making this dream patch.Eve is entering the golden age again.Some people will ask how to thx ccp? Show your appreciation with your wallet there are awesome deals at the moment buy plex ,omega game time and get free ship skins.Thumps up for ccp the public support u.

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Hello my little green Troll 0/

Yes yes sure we all should just Buy more plex and game time to support wise CCP’s decisions

Support for what? Gankers buffs*? ■■■■■■ up economy? LoL
reduction of tankiness and buff of T2 close ammo dmg
And now yet another Ganker buff coz small hullsize T1 stuff got bit cheaper while everything else is much more expensive - without getting ANYTHING in return

Major nerfs that made me put all my alts offline
Rorq got at least 3-4 nerfs in past years (mining capability)
Supers got about same 3-4 nerfs (fighters sig and damage application / layout)
Titans MAJOR 2 nerfs (Bosonic and removal of antisubcap guns)
oh and ofc lovely cyno change

And now SUDDENLY for no reason ALL Capitals and specially SUPER-Capitals get HUUGE price bump
WITHOUT getting ANYTHING in return - WTF CCP?

So yes lets all support CCP and they give us less affordable ships above cruiser size and lovely fozzie-sov game mechanics that we all love and appreciate, lets support them for removing indestructible 0.0 stations (that were expensive to build if made my players - outposts)

All i have to say to CCP:

go F_U_C_K yourself CCP


You lost me at the caps thing man. Caps are supposed to be a pain in the ass to build, and costly. Subs… not so much. The rorq nerfs were only trying to put ■■■■ how it should’ve been in the first place. Once they nerfed the rocks to be so small as to be worthless to put a rorq on though thats should’ve been enough. Now we got no belts whatsoever and subs require moon mats, pi, and gas. Yay!

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It doesn’t. I suspect CCP is trying to make low end ships disposable. So cheap (relatively) and plentiful that players will be happy to get them blown-up in such numbers that mining and manufacture profits stay the same or increase.

No, these changes do just the opposite.


I predict a macro that will turn on a MWD as soon as the cloak drops, then recloak as soon as it is able to.

I foresee swarms of claws flying round null systems with no one able to scan fast enough to land something close enough to catch them.

I foresee botters breaking this novel defense within a week of release

I think that’s been well established now. Anyone who believes otherwise is being dishonest with themselves.

Lol, that thought is hilarious. I really want to see that. They gotta leave sometime though, and claws are not nullified.

They though making every faction sub require this bullshìt spiderweb of components would help with that?? Were talking about subs here. T1 battleships are not caps. Faction ships are not caps.

Yeah I have no idea what the end goal of this is supposed to be.

Nothing wrong with capitals in 0.0
Capitals should be main battle force in 0.0 conflicts - they do cost lots time to build and lots of minerals but CCP screw everyone

When CCP originally introduced capitals, they thought they made the requirements such that there would never be more than a dozen titans in the entire game at any one time. Basically, they were meant to be flagships that would be the linchpin of an alliance or fleet. CCP seriously underestimated how mental their playerbase is.

I’ve heard the theory that these updates are part of a grander scheme to avoid tranquility enduring the same fate as the Chinese server. In short, one group essentially conquered the entire server to the point where literally nobody else could play.


Either you’re taking the piss or you’re Rattati’s forum alt.


What is missing in Amarr?

Pirate faction is above T2, not between.
And no matter how many times you try and say it, Faction is not T1. Not even Navy is T1. Just because certain things like FW they slide in when T2 is blocked does not make them T1, just because they have low skill requirements does not make them T1.

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Yesterday both u-c and r-o triggers had 0 listings. Thats all i looked at, the others may not have been available either. May be some up now, I probably won’t get back to amarr anytime soon.

Like I said, they’re t1 in space. The only place that matters. They also have their blueprints gated. You can’t just ■■■■ them out like you can t2.

No they are faction in space. Pirate or Navy. At no point are they T1 in space. You have invented this idea in your head and are trying to use it to argue they should be treated differently. Pirate are classed above T2 in power, so them being as complex or more complex to make than T2 is perfectly reasonable.

Nah, they should be treated the same as they always have been.

what “in space”?
The T refers to “techlevel” which is 1 for faction/storyline/deadspace/officer. It is 2 for … T2 stuff and 3 for T3C and T3D.

Battleships prices keep rising.

At last battleship prices are reaching the price they should have been in the first place like everything else.Market will stabilize at the end of the week >Its rly amazing how the economy can be fixed with few smart moves .i hope economy in real life could be the same .

If real-life economy works the same with the same manipulation CCP is doing to Eve Universe, you’d already see hyper-inflation crisis like, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina … etc.

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