A significant update to Industry

what “in space”?
The T refers to “techlevel” which is 1 for faction/storyline/deadspace/officer. It is 2 for … T2 stuff and 3 for T3C and T3D.

Battleships prices keep rising.

At last battleship prices are reaching the price they should have been in the first place like everything else.Market will stabilize at the end of the week >Its rly amazing how the economy can be fixed with few smart moves .i hope economy in real life could be the same .

If real-life economy works the same with the same manipulation CCP is doing to Eve Universe, you’d already see hyper-inflation crisis like, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina … etc.

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It is not, everything is going as planed.CCP has confirmed it , and ccp wont release a statement every day .Stop with the end is near u are just making a fool of your self.

Man, I did pretty civil discussion with you so far, if you have nothing better to debate, so be it, but constant name calling isn’t necessary just because you can’t come up with anything of worth on the debate scene.

Look, a lot of these grievances isn’t necessary, and I’ll tell you it’s indeed some simple tweaks and 90% of the “unhappy” industrialist will be happy. It’s though if CCP willing to do it or not, for the health of the game and long term, they have no reason not to, but with die hard fans or super ego of certain personnel, they might just not do what’s actually best for the game.

They can achieve what they claimed to want to achieve in the Dev Blog “meaningful progression”, “healthy economy”, “opportunities”…etc by Allowing Certain Reactions Doable In HiSec, period.

People are upset not because they are dumb and can’t bear with complexity, but the change literally classify BS tier as a Low/Null exclusive product inline with the Caps. You want fair market, fine! Fair market doesn’t mean now only the relative big entities can basically control the production of intermediate products of some of the most popular tier of ships that people fly in their very dominant living spaces.

The limit they put in place with the reactions means commitment or shielding under some big bloc’s umbrella paying “protection” rentals, and this is just going back to moon goo dominated by the null blocs mostly back in the old days. To many of the unhappy industrialists, this IS TAKING AWAY what they used to be able to do and enjoy.

Raw materials that needs to be harvested from low/null/WH, no problems, but the processing of them into intermediate or final product need not to be. Not everyone plays games will be equally committed to the game, and limiting hisec mission bears’ ability to at least produce so that they can fly what they are willing to afford to lose, into the hands of the null blockers hand is forcing them to be restrictive and that’s not sandbox. Like the posters said above, we’ve already got boss to work for in RL, we don’t need one in game to enjoy the game.

The biggest isk printers controls the price of essential goods (officially recommended ship hull for L4 missions), how good would that be? the big gets bigger, and the poor became the have nots, of course people are upset. You cannot game the market if you don’t have the control of what you able to produce. You’d always have to kowtow to someone.

I did not say I want to hear CCP release daily briefings / statements, but we’re here to express our opinions and with a simple change I mentioned, that alone is the line between healthy/unhealthy economy, boots up industry toons or unsub to withdraw. Any good reason to oppose this tweak?
What does the big boys have to lose between the choices, nothing! But many HiSec industrialists feel without the change, our freedom has been taken away.


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I respect your opinion, we are allowed to have different views, but please go easy on the Buy Plex Ad links

How? How are they doing that? In who’s structures are they doing it? Who’s moons did they harvest to acquire the base materials?

Unless you wanted to build faction subs or t1 bs without any of the things I listed above. You know, like you could from the beginning till now.

You mean the sov holders, structure owners, and the like? Yeah they’re really getting the shaft being the choke point for all these new materials.

See above… ffs

A few… you know if it was a single faction specific piece that went into the faction subs that was attainable at a fixed price from npc sell orders yeah. That’d be ok. This is a ■■■■■■■■■■■ of pi, reactions, and a spiderweb of components built from that ■■■■.

Post one more plex add…

you are making false assumptions based on no facts .watch twitch shows that have hosted ccp developers and get the facts straight .Whatever i mentioned is backed by data and people that actualy put time on industry and developing the game.So from what u are writing everybody is wrong and u are the right.Listen to the devs read the patches .

I remember asking you sources, and you gave me the link for the images of the MER.

Nope, you mentioned things not backed by data.


Rattati, I have read the patch notes. There is no analysis to be found there. I don’t, however, care what the devs are saying. They dont play the game if they believe what you are saying. Your assertions are patently false. You must have structures in low/null to run these reactions, you must have access to moons to mine in the first place, you must have enough ass to protect your miners, you must have enough miners in the first place, you must do pi… you see what I’m saying? It doesn’t matter what they say, those are actual indisputable facts. This is advantageous to those who already have this infrastructure in place and it fùcks everyone who doesn’t, can’t afford to, or can’t defend it if they did. There is no room to step in and build these components for profit without access to the mats and a structure that is capable of doing it. The little guys don’t have those things. Period.

If you still believe as you previous stated I can’t help you, but just know that you are wrong.


That’s wrong.

It depends a lot on what you are actually doing, and your initial investment.
but if you expect to make a lot of money from an easy activity that is in competition with other people, without an investment, then you are wrong.

You are NOT making money when mining. You are EATING money when producing from industry jobs.

If you can push a button and make money … every body would do it.
Your issue that you can’t make money from industry without thinking a lot, is just entitlement.
The prices have gone down, the benefits have gone down, because people have streamlined the activity and are therefore able to make more with lower margin than you, therefore making more money.

Claiming it’s about CCP or whatever is just wrong. It’s just about the game being built around competition in the market.

Who decided to change the requirements for building t1 bs and factions subs in such a way that it requires a colossal investment in industry with a defensible presence in low/null? Did I do that? Did I literally take something that has been fine since 2003 and make it inaccessible to those that don’t have this kind of infrastructure. See, it isnt about thinking… It’s about access. Without it you aren’t building these things, not just for profit, at all. Did I do that? Or was it ccp?

Actually it’s something you should learn from the career agents, especially the industry one.

That’s wrong to start. There has been issues.
It’s also wrong to claim that it’s not accessible without a specific infrastructure.

Yes you still are.
For profit.

Now it’s just entitlement “I want to be able to build everything I want in HS”. Good thing you are not in charge of the balancing.

I want to build what I was already building wherever I happen to be. Exactly like I’ve always done with faction ships. I dont fùck about much in high sec, thats not where you get the bpcs anyway. I don’t have an azbel down to do reactions in. Nor do I have athanors to mine goo on.
My primary objective in this game is murder, and I move about to accomplish this. I finance my playstyle with ded sites, and building the ships from the bpcs i get wherever i happen to be. This change erases that ability. Period. If by entitled you mean id like to be able to continue my playstyle then sure we can call it whatever you want.

I don’t care.
You are not supposed to be able to play in total autarky. Deal with it.

That matters.

Is that what I asked for? Did I say I want to build t2/t3 and all the fittings off straight mins I can easily obtain all by myself? No. Thats not what I said. I said t1 and faction subs should not have been changed. I said they dont affect capital proliferation. I said it erases abilities players have had for 18 years. I said it removes a significant portion of potential income from nomadic individuals and groups. All of which is 100% factually accurate.

Oh I am. See I get an assload of bpcs and can’t build them anymore, so they’re just rotting away in various stations across new eden. Thats what they’ll continue to do. Forever. Because I’d rather fly the damn ships than sell them anyway I’ll just deny the market my portion of the bpcs. Hell I even left one in space last night. Doing my part to show the value thats been created by these changes. :slight_smile:

These changes do not stop economic independence. They simply reduce the number of high-end industrial competitors.

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Source pls. Also define total autarky. Is building Faction/navy frigate yourself autarky? What about T1 ships? T1 modules? Is building components for the market or anything for that matter yourself autarky?

CCP stated that autarky was not desirable but that was conserning big null entities and large scale industry. You are rationalising and pushing your “supposed” way, while CCP still keeps silent on the changes.

IMO ntopios is being resentfully sarcastic, can you people not see it?